Dawn of a New Age!

How dramatic!

Well, as you all know, since I married Zoot Allures I’ve been dealing with her 3 times removed stinky cousin. But that’s over. Since there was/is a pandemic and I spent days locked down… I went shopping.



Yes ladies and gents…I bought an electrification kit from Kit Elec Shop from France.

This kit is pre-wired. Main components is the 10kw brushless electric motor, the controller with is the “brain”, a bracket that they all attach to and the wiring harness consisting of the on/off key, relay, kill switch, regen pod, throttle control and a small monitor for rpm and amp use.



Yup….electric motors run off of batteries. 48volt … so I got 16 pieces of EVE 280Ah prismatic lithium iron phosphate cells. These shall be connected in series to create a 280Ah 48volt battery. That’s 13440 Watts of power (nominal)

So there, I did it.

Problem solved.

Errr… hold on now. Getting all this installed in ol’ Zoot is gonna take a while but it’s gonna be a groovy project. Lots of other stuff was purchased as well which shall be reveled in other posts.

For now, the weather is cooler and it’s possible to do “boat work”. I’ve been cleaning the machine room and have drained the old fuel. I want to use the 200liter fuel tank for non potable water.

But now, it’s Saturday and once again I’m stuck at work at a orthodontic conference. Dang!

Stay tuned, and wash off the last of fossil fuels from your hands! Halleluiah!

Capt Pete

ps… All this was done before Easter! I’ve got it all hooked up back home and it all seems to work fine. Some hardware is needed to attach the motor bracket to the old engine mounts and build a battery box.

So yeah… fun times ahead!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Dawn of a New Age!

  1. That’s one hell of a BOOM!!! As an engineer, should be a piece of cake for you to install, I hope. And I suspect that the battery charging system is next. Much more fun than installing another cantankerous diesel. Good luck. PS: You sure got everybody’s attention.


    • Really? I didn’t think anyone read or wrote blogs anymore. What’s happened to yours?
      Once we fabricate the hardware, it’s gonna be a cinch with clean hands. Charging, …hmmm, haven’t made up my mind yet. AC for now in my city dwellings.


  2. Steve Yoder says:

    WOW! Did NOT see that coming. Although, given your obvious feelings toward stinky ol’ diesels, I guess I should have. Very cool. Looking forward to watching this project develop.


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