Out With the Old

And BOOM! She’s outa here!

Yes, my little snowflakes, it took me by surprise aswell!

It seemed like an eternity. I’ve been stuck at work, since our lockdown is over, and a bunch of conferences have begun….. I even got in an argument with a doctor who wasn’t wearing his mask…! Got a message from Kostas saying they launched a couple of boats and that the old Perkins is out!


So after work I blasted out and found the above sight… a sight for sore eyes.

Then I saw the eye sore….

May the cleaning commence!

So…. this shit is getting real. It actually has been getting real for the past months. During the lockdown I did all my research and did a bunch of shopping. You’d think I would have posted what that is all about…but I’ve gotten so lazy with blogging. Does anyone even write blogs any more.

Anyway… the sailing season is lost, heat waves are coming are going and work is slowing down so I’ll probably get back at it.

For the time being…. does anyone want a piece of shit??

Stay tuned,

Capt Pete

ps….. Not only has work tied me down but also emptying out my parents house in order to renovate and rent out. It’s amazing how many things I’ve found from my childhood. I guess ebay selling my HotWheels from the 60’s will help!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Out With the Old

  1. Steve Yoder says:

    Have you decided on a replacement? Do you have it yet? Hope all this supply-chain BS doesn’t hold you up too long. Too bad you don’t have a Lulu to sic on that engine compartment.


    • Dang!….if I knew Lulu was available I would have done something fun last Saturday!
      And yes, I have decided and I have it…but its too late in the season to enjoy it….plus way too hot to do the installation. When the time comes it’s gonna be sweet!


  2. Arcady says:

    Oh wow – that brings back some memories! https://fjordms33.wordpress.com/page/6/?s=Sohvi&submit=Search

    You’ll be so glad when it’s all sorted and you can enjoy the sailing once more – instead of a part-time diesel mechanic.

    Have fun 🙂


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