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Built and Blocked In….

Heya! Have you ever had a feeling that your mind is blocked? As in writer’s block, mental block, cock blocked etc? Well, I could say I’m all the above. Working all through the weekend on an entrepreneur conference will do it … Continue reading

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What is Blogging and Why Bother?

That is the question. Well, in this case, it has nothing to do with what this blog is about. “Sailing” in the title does not mean “rambling on about stuff non-sailing” (hmmm, should I call it something else?). I started … Continue reading

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Wooden Boat Building

OOhhh! Isn’t this interesting? Well, don’t hold your breath… ’cause I don’t know anything about it. So don’t expect much out of this post, just click on some pics to enlarge. Onward with some rambling. The first thing I did … Continue reading

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