Out With the Old

And BOOM! She’s outa here!

Yes, my little snowflakes, it took me by surprise aswell!

It seemed like an eternity. I’ve been stuck at work, since our lockdown is over, and a bunch of conferences have begun….. I even got in an argument with a doctor who wasn’t wearing his mask…! Got a message from Kostas saying they launched a couple of boats and that the old Perkins is out!


So after work I blasted out and found the above sight… a sight for sore eyes.

Then I saw the eye sore….

May the cleaning commence!

So…. this shit is getting real. It actually has been getting real for the past months. During the lockdown I did all my research and did a bunch of shopping. You’d think I would have posted what that is all about…but I’ve gotten so lazy with blogging. Does anyone even write blogs any more.

Anyway… the sailing season is lost, heat waves are coming are going and work is slowing down so I’ll probably get back at it.

For the time being…. does anyone want a piece of shit??

Stay tuned,

Capt Pete

ps….. Not only has work tied me down but also emptying out my parents house in order to renovate and rent out. It’s amazing how many things I’ve found from my childhood. I guess ebay selling my HotWheels from the 60’s will help!

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Zed’s Dead, baby!

Hi everybody! ‘Been a while, eh? Well, if you’re locked down for 7 months, not much boat stuff goes on. Other stuff yes, lots of new situations, obligations…what do you expect from a pandemic.

But lets just jump in

Yes, it’s official as the title states “Zed’s dead”

Zed being the old cunt of a diesel Perkins 4.108. And yes, I called that hunk of stinky steel, who’s ears I’ve been petting and given up so much time for in the past 9 years, a cunt!

So, we left off to the fact that it was stuck and wouldn’t turn over, not even by hand.

Last fall I pulled the injectors and poured some diesel in the cylinders maybe to loosen something up, but still stuck. I thought maybe the starter motor was stuck in the flywheel. So it was time for Kostas to assume the position I’ve seen more often than I’d like to mention. Hard stuff…gotta remove the oil filter with housing and…… and…..and….

And guess what. Nothing! W.T.F.!! Then we locked down and, not remembering when but I got the call from Kostas with the dead cunt news. At last, the witch is dead. Ding, f-ing Dong!

So, apparently the coolant I was leaking was from a crack in the exhaust which got 2 cylinders stuck. And I’m pulling the plug! Enough is enough.

I got a chance to blast down and saw the ugliness.

So since then I’ve removed all the loose parts, making a mess and getting oily and filthy (for the last time) and have unbolted the mounts and all things attaching Miss “C” from Zoot Allures.

Our lockdown is over and now am patiently (I lie) waiting for when the crane comes to get that thing outathere!!!!

And so, as always,

Stay tuned……I mean it this time!

Capt Pete

ps…… I hope every one got through this passed year unscathed. Very strange time and still is.

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Meanwhile… Last year….!!

Hello people. Indeed it’s true… I’m not dead! Zoot Allures sort of is and the dream is hanging on a thread. But I’m still here and poor old Zoot is waiting patiently for circumstances to take a different turn. Not much has happened in the last year. Just a pandemic and and a lot of work before that. I guess it’s time to throw up a bunch of pictures and brief on where I’d left off.

So…last summer I took a quick trip back to Boston . Getting there was a bit of a nightmare!

The connecting flight got cancelled in Montreal. The above video lasted over 45 minutes after the plane left the gate. The next day I took a local plane to Toronto, then a bus, then a train, than another plane and eventually got to Boston the following evening. Events there were hanging and meeting up with some old friends. Marc took me in at his amazing home way out in western Mass.

And also a reunion with a bunch dudes, mostly Berklee music students we used to work together parking cars at Avis on “Waist”land Avenue.

Thanks to Rob there were way to many lobsters and clams. Unfortunately a heat wave and time restrictions left me wanting/needing more. It was quite a trip! Oh yes… I also went visited old friends in Lowell coinciding with the Lowell Folk Festival. Not much boat stuff but I did catch a glimpse of a schooner in Boston Harbor on my way out.

Back home… I spent the rest of the summer at the farm house in Nafplio. I took Zoot Allures’ sails down with me to give them some TLC and also got a Speedy Stitcher… a great little tool and a must have for any sailor! Lots of house work had to be done, it’s a farm house, but there was also time for other projects.

Aaaand finally... before all of that happened, I finished the CLC Eastport Pram project!

So as you can see I’ve managed to keep myself busy. This whole winter has been a drag. But I’ve been doing a ton of research on electric motors and prismatic Lifepo4 batteries. Maybe my next post will be about that. The old Perkins is dead….again. I cant turn it over, even by hand. I think the starter is stuck in the flywheel…. depressing!

And so, as always…

Stay tuned… and don’t hold your breath,

Capt Pete

ps… Stay safe!! This pandemic is far from over!

pss……… Airport bookstore…I’ll pass.


pssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…… poor old Zoot Allures

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