CLC Pram #6…Fillets

Yet another update on the CLC Eastport Nesting Pram.  The technique building this little boat is known as “stitch & glue”. Last post was about the gluing. Time for fillets!

DSC_0347DSC_0346A couple of summers ago my cuz John showed me the art of filleting fish. This post has nothing to do at all about filleting fish. But just looking at these old pics…. I’m drooling with the idea of marinated anchovies!

‘Nuf nonsense! In boat building fillets (pronounced “fill-it”) are used to fill gaps and to adhere parts. It’s just a bunch of epoxy with cabosil filler and wood flour mixed to a peanut butter consistency. DSC01922So now it’s time to glue the transoms and the dual center bulkhead. But before that I actually measured and noticed some twist in the hull, so I removed the transoms and restitched them a bit more precisely.DSC01945 Naturally they were stuck from my messy epoxy runoffs so a dremmel came in handy! I then “spot welded” them so I could take out the wires before filleting.

DSC01923DSC01925Time to fillet! So as we said, mix the epoxy with the “stuff” and make the “peanut butter”. Then put a ziploc bag in a container and glob out the mix. Close up the bag, squeez it around and then snip the corner. DSC01926This makes it easy to apply… like a pastry bag with whip cream!…(well… not quite!) Any how, my first batch was small, too small and I realized I was gonna need goobs of this stuff. I eventually found a larger container!

DSC01931DSC01940This was a big batch…350gr epoxy, 175gr hardener plus a bunch of cabosil and wood flour….. it took a good 20 minutes to mix the dang thing up.

So… squeeze the stuff in the gaps, use a round spatula to make the “fillet” and clean up the mess! And speaking of a mess, I’ve made a total mess of describing this procedure! This video will make more sense.

Anyhow, here is how it showed up

There is an art to this procedure…. and I ain’t got it! But …hey! Check it out!

mdeAnd she cute?! I would float her in my bathtub but it won’t fit! But the wires are gone which means I walk around it in my pajamas without having an “accident”!

Stay tuned,

Capt Pete

ps… meanwhile back on Zoot Allures, I sanded and oiled the rub rails. No pics cause it got dark and my arms had fallen off

pss…. it is sooo impossible to take photos of epoxy sequences…. for obvious reasons!

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CLC Pram #5 Glue! Ew ew ew!!

Yet another update on the CLC Eastport Nesting Pram.  The technique building this little boat is known as “stitch & glue”. Last post was about the stitchin’……Time to glue!!

DSC01902But first I had to tip the boat upside-down. My supports aren’t particularly decent nor big and I got it on the third try…. the other 2 were actually dropping the boat…apparently no damage done… only to my pride. I then proceeded tightening her up. ‘Lookin’ like Franken-boat!


DSC01910DSC01911Time to glue the planks (not the bulkheads/transoms). The first step is to mix some epoxy and thicken it to a “sauce” consistency and “spot weld” the planks between the wire ties with a syringe. Naturally some is going to drip below. Naturally more than I anticipated! Lesson 1 learned…. make a thicker sauce! I spent quite some time down under the boat, but that’s a childhood fetish of mine. I would always capsize my little inflatables and spent time underneath!


DSC01915DSC01916Next step, after the “spot welding” has dried is to snip the wires from underneath, pull them out from the outside and to do some cleaning up and some planing.

DSC01917DSC01918Time for more glue. This time it’s thickened to the consistency of “mustard” and used to fill in the “whateveryouwannacallit” shelving of the planks. And after the epoxy kicks a bit (2-3 hours), make everything nice and smooth by running a wet-ed  gloved finger with denatured alcohol over it. DSC01919Now this is a lot of epoxy, I made 4-5 batches, a lot of mixing and adding filler, I think it totaled over 500 grams! This was pretty globby, it was running through the seams making a mess, I went through a ton of gloves…..Lesson 2 learned…. make a thicker mustard! And the next morning with the light of day I saw what a mess I had made…. a lot of sand is due in the near future.



This past week I’ve flipped her over again and checked for twist. And it was twisted. My diagonal measurements were off by over 2cm. So I eventually had to cut, remove and restitch the transoms. They were stuck/glued in some areas (due to the globby mess I made and I resorted to a dremmel… a bit of destruction and terror!) But I think I got the twist out, spot melded the transoms and am ready for the next stage…filleting!

But more on that…. next post.

Stay tuned… and mind you consistencies,

Capt. Pete

ps… epoxy is reeeeaaally goo-y! Impossible to be taking pictures in the process!

pss… this weekend I spent it down at the farm house… a break from anything “boat”. Sometimes ya gotta say f-it!


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CLC Pram #4 Stitchin’!

G’day y’all!

Yet another update on the CLC Eastport Nesting Pram.  The technique building this little boat is known as “stitch & glue”. Time to stitch!!

DSC01887DSC01888So first you stitch (with pieces of wire) panels #1 to the floor panel. A perfect way to break the ice on weekday afternoons. Then, on a supposingly rainy Saturday, which ended up being a nice sunny day, get help. Alexandra to the rescue! After some quirky figuring out and  “what the hell are we doing”, we got panel #2 on.

DSC01889Next in sequence… the bulkheads including a temporary bulkhead which is that dark blue thing. This took the longest time. For one, they didn’t fit well due to my clumsy sawing. And second we didn’t have enough weight placed on the floor panel to give the necessary curvature. Gotta pay more attention to the manual’s details.! Thirdly we were trying to tighten the wires too much whereas the manual says not to!

DSC01894DSC01893Now, we are talking about a lot of wire twisting. Figures get numb and the whole thing is beginning to behave like a porcupine! So once again, I bled…just a tad, but my arms are all scratched up from the wire tips. It’s actually a bit dangerous and one can poke an eye out if not careful. Ewwwww!


Time for panel #3.

DSC01898DSC01900DSC01901This went on pretty straight forward… we’ve gotten good at it by now. We were running out of time and contemplated on leaving the last panel #4 for a later date. But we decided to proceed, it went on real fast, we backed away, took a look and exclaimed “Wow!! We just built a boat!!”

28276818_10156113841596797_2357282925500555590_nThis is so bizarre! After 2 months of sawing and filling and gluing and parts all over the place… there is A BOAT! I’ve been walking around with a ridiculous grin for days now!

I’ve been spending this week tweaking and tightening the wires and it’s just about ready to flip and spot weld.

More on that…. next post.

Stay tuned… and wipe that ridiculous grin off your face,

Capt. Pete

ps… meanwhile back on Zoot Allures…



pss…. I’m on aspirin!

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