And what, may you ask, is a blowber?

Well, for starters, the temps have been really mild but it’s been raining torrentially! I got up the other night at 4am because it was frightening. Then I got up at 6 to got to work…. and it was Sunday. Blowber!

Well, no, blowber has nothing to do with that statement of blasphemy.

screenshot_2016-11-25-08-50-03screenshot_2016-11-27-11-43-34Itsa gonna BLOW and itsa gonna get cold


Nothing too tragic…. just that I tragically don’t like it cold. How humans migrated north is a mystery to me!

Just a reminder why ol’ Zoot Allures is up on the hard.

dsc01678dsc01680Meanwhile, back home, it was time to do “something”. My mainsail sheet (the rope that controls the mainsail, my little landlubbing snowflakes) is looking tired on its working end so I’m in the progress of flipping it. So the first thing to do is to get it off the pulleys in order to re-splice. It was looking frayed and I thought it would be rather easy. And as all things “boat”, it wasn’t. I started with a razor, then broke out the dremmel and just wasn’t getting anywhere fast. So I broke out the big cannons and “chopped his head off”. Then I had a drink! You gotta use the tools at hand!

dsc01681It was easy after that.

dsc01682All I have to do now is eye splice the good end back on.

As in… splice a braided rope.

As in… I’ve never done it before.

As in…. I need a fid.   I’ll try to fabricate one on my own, methinketh.

As if… it’ll be this easy


As if y’all will….

Stay tuned, warm, dry and in one place,

Capt. Pete

ps….. Wow, that was a “quicky” .

pss…. I just luuuuuuuv youtube! But I admit, the blowber thing was kinda corny

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Peace Out!

Well, well, well (Willie fell in the well).

Here I am again. I’m not here to shock you, but to admit that I’m not much of a blogger…. as if you haven’t already figured that one out. It’s been a ridiculous month for normal and abnormal reasons. Last week for instance. Obama was in town for 2 days plus the national celebration of Molotov cocktails remembering the Polytechnic U. up-rise against the dictatorship in 1973. Living in Athens is a trip!

20161103_15354120161103_153533I tried to spend the weekends on Zoot Allures absorbing the reality of the surroundings and got my last swims before my annual haul out. It has20161030_122309 been quit beautiful but between working too much and the days getting shorter, the nights colder (hot water bottles rule!) absorption has be limited and scarce. Plus getting ready to haul out is a drag…. My windvane weighs a ton!

dsc01648The afternoon before the “crane date”, I let go of my mooring and ghost sailed @1knot to the harbor and side docked. Final preps where done (sail removal, disconnecting mast cables etc)… it’s become a normal procedure.

dsc_0373dsc01651The next day, the haul out went just fine but the anxiety always remains the same. Not to mention the body fatigue. My knees hate me and ol’ Zoot! Now Zoot Allures is resting and drying out. And just in time cause the weather got foul. Now it’s time to sleep and not worry about what’s going on in my absence.dsc_0372 Now I’m having nightmares about the whole American phenomena. Sleep, dear Zoot, and rest….. the way things are going (Trumps election and the televised ridicule of the GR government hosting Obama’s visit) we might have to sail away next year!

dsc01654dsc01656On the lighter side, that weekend I did a first. I washed down the genoa sail at G.S.’s house. All you need is water, a hose, a bunch of long ropes, a roof and an empty swimming pool!

Other news totally un-related to the purpose of the blog….

A)… The classic Marathon was held on a beautiful Sunday and ma Bro ran and finish his 4th Marathon in just over 4 hours!

B)…. Kostas launched his boat!


Unfortunately I missed all the fun… working. Something’s gotta change!

Stay tuned,

Capt Pete.

ps… and by change, I didn’t mean Trump! God (or somebody) help us!

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Banshees? W.T.F.?

It was probably around 8pm, I was back on the boat after having a bad-ass bifteki and wine with my buddy Ulber, when the phone rang. It was Mom asking if I was back and safe because in Athens all hell was breaking loose. I assured her all was well as I noticed a small drizzle of rain. It hardly rains here and there wasn’t  anything for it the forecast. By 9pm it was raining a bit more which canceled a few pops with Ulber  aboard Pyrrha before picking up “the crew” around 10:30.


Suddenly around 9:30…. BAM! Zoot Allures was almost on her side, the wind howled like nothing I’d heard before as I was holding on to anything I could find, looking out the window while I tried to get dressed. It wasn’t letting up, my wind alarm was screaming off the charts  and I verified my anxiety of dragging through a mooring field of boats (no Rocna anchor will hold if you don’t leave any scope which I hadn’t due to temporarily anchoring on a quiet evening). I fired up the engine and flew to the bow to raise the anchor as I passed a few boats heeled over tangling from their mooring balls. As the Rocna came up I noticed something in the dark dangling from it but there was no time to get fancy cleaning it up so I rushed back to the cockpit to take control of Zoot Allures flying tilted sideways through the harbor. I made a big circle and anchored further off leaving about 50meters of chain in a depth of 5. Secured to the seabed I returned back to the salon to dry up while monitoring my surroundings thru the port light while the gale subsided.

The next morning was sunny and ol’ Zoot was squeaky clean! Quite content,  having my morning coffee in the cockpit, I noticed something over the side of my stern. It was big and black and spooky and wavy …. tumblr_nv81v4tges1rc85kko1_500Pretty much looking like a medieval banshee! … not that I’ve seen one before. After taking a better look I realized that it was an old fishing net dangling from a good hold on my prop! So that’s what was dangling from my anchor and after a minute I realized that it must have fallen off and fouled my prop right before I re-anchored. I finished my coffee and shuddering at the thought of how bad things would have been if my re-anchoring had not been successful and Zoot Allures would have been out of control in that squall!!!

I dove in with a knife and hacked on it for 20minutes and was getting nowhere with that gross banshee all over me and freaking me out! I had the bright idea of spinning the prop backwards (duh) and in 5 minutes the banshee was free to fuck up someone else’s life. What the Faaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!


20161007_103548dsc01637And all this happened on my return from a mini cruise to Petalious Islands. That morning I sailed off anchor after having the most beautiful time of bliss. The sail back was perfect. So perfect that I was saying to myself “this is perfect!” with a huge grin. It’s mind boggling the way things can be on a sailboat! Swinging Extremes!


funky neighbors at Petalious



blissful moorings

dsc_0158adsc_0207aIt’s been a really nice month since the last time I’ve written a post. I had friends over and took them for rides but haven’t written a post about that due to their wanting to scan the photos before publishing (f-em!).


blissful sunrises with a few drops of rain

It’s quiet as well with very little traffic and powerboat noise etc. A most lovely time to enjoy boating…. And I am!

20160928_191015Back home I’ve been pouring over the designs for the  CLC nesting pram. I realized that I couldn’t sprawl them out because 2 of them are 5meters long! I’m planning on building it at home, cutting the wood on the balcony (after moving a bunch of pots of plants) and assembling it in my bedroom (after moving my bed to the living room, eliminating my dinning room). Cutting the wood is going to take more time than assembly I’m afraid. I’m starting to believe everyone that I must be insane!


Stay tuned…. At least for that!

Capt Pete

Ps…… This week (following the most awesome weekend) has gotten cold and the wind was blowing force 8! Poor ol’ Zoot! Time to haul out. But when? It’s either blowing like hell or I’m working like hell. As normal!

pss… Kostas boat is almost done!


moonlight (plus some more) boatbuilding


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