Boat Heat?

Hey Y’all!

Spring has sprung!….but it’s still cold-ish. And instead of trying to explain my absence, I’m just going to write a quicky of one of the none-existent projects done on ol’ Zoot Allures.

So…in order to heat up a boat (or any enclosed area) without electricity, you’re gonna need a chimney. What the chimney does is get the smoke and co2 out of the boat and also sucks out the humidity. Humidity is created not only by the burning of any heat creating fuel but also by us exhaling. How inconvenient! Plus… boats are surrounded by water and….. you get the picture.

Most common boat heaters are run by burning propane, diesel, kerosene or solids like wood, pellets etc. Trying to keep things simple and cheap, and since I have a 2 burner kero stove with a ventilator overhead, my first attempt (and only attempt) to warm things up went something like this.

Alright, alright…let me explain. The concept is to keep the heat in and bad stuff (co2, humidity etc) out. Influenced by the Force 10 Cozy Cabin Heater, you light up the burner and on top of that you have a contraption that absorbs the heat and dissipates it in the room whilst removing the fumes out the chimney.

The contraption is a cylinder with a bunch of metal disks within and the exterior with heat fins. And of course an opening at the top for the exhaust. I unscrewed the ventilator and left it dangling temporarily.

After about half an hour I took some measurements.

Heat conclusions….. well…. when I got to the boat it 9deg C and in a few hours it was about 15deg C. Pa mal but not ideal. The biggest con right now is the stability. There is no way in hell this thing wont fall over if the boat was on the water so I’ve been thinking on ways to support it.

Anyhoo…… I think next winter I might just fork over a couple a 100 clams and get a Chinese knockoff of a webasto diesel heater

So stay tuned and warm-ish

Capt. Pete.

ps…… %$^%& wordpress changed again and it is literally impossible to place pictures where you want them within a text. Bad wordpress, bad!

pss…. I have apparently lost my blogging mojo…something I’ll turn y’all on to at some point.

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“I’m Sorry!”

Did ya know….

A long long (long long) time ago there was an archery competition where people came from afar to watch and to participate. The first competitor/archer set a young boy with an apple on his head at a distance of 50 meters. Pulls back on his bow, takes aim and “bam!” shoots the apple off the kids head. The crowd goes wild and the archer presents himself and says “I am Robin Hood!”

The next dude comes around, sets the boy and apple at 100 meters, pulls, aims, “Bam!” and shoots the apple off the kids head. The crowd is ecstatic and the archer presents himself, “I am Legolas!”

Third dude comes around. Same deal but sets the kid and apple at 500 meters! Pulls back on his bow and takes aim while the crowd holds their breath. He lets the arrow fly and BAM!…  hits the kid between the eyes!! and the apple roles down the hill. He approaches the crowd in shock and says…I’m Sorry!”

And so am I. Even more now after writing that stupid story. What I AM sorry about is not writing anything for, pffff, 2 months(?)…since that Medicane. Which is darn right rude of me. So… I am sorry. (good thing I havent’ set up a Patreon…you’d be asking for your money back!)

Zoot Allures weathered the storm just fine with just some stuff scattered around in the cabin. I managed to get a few swims in and hauled out mid October. Various things have been going on so there has been very little “Zoot Time”. Excuses? Of course getting slammed at work, went to a party and had 3 scotches more than the cops approved (do the math) which cost me 700euro and 3months of my license, and Mom is aging and was in and out of the hospital. My, time fly’s when you’re having fun.

So ol’ Zoot is resting and drying. It’s takes 4 to 5 hours round trip with public transportation  to visit when I get a chance. But the CLC Pram is just about done!




I eventually used some cheep varnish and not the Epiphanes. It’s an experiment. So she’s done. All that’s left is to glue some Styrofoam under the seats for buoyancy. Easy peasy……. NOT! Working with Styrofoam sucks!!. mdeI glued some panels together with low expandingmde polyurethane, weighed them down, they slid apart, yada yada yada, then tried to saw them to shape but went with spatula heated over a butane burner… and that really stinks! Anyway, the basic shaping is done and have glued them to the bottom of the seats. davAll that’s left is some last shaping, epoxy coating, paint and bada boom. When I get my license back, we shall launch!



So that’s pretty much how this year is wrapping up. I’m down at the farmhouse with Mom, Sis, the nephew and his squeeze. And naturally dumb dog Panos who is concerned about the Xmas turkey. (how did he know it wouldn’t work out well. He’s deaf so I guess he knows more that we do)


So, here’s wishing you all a happy new year…there’s always room for improvement!


Stay tuned, and well, and kisses…

Capt Pete



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“Hold Fast”!

So it’s time to…….
“To bear down, grit it out, stay the course.
Originally a nautical term probably borrowed from the Dutch “houd vast” (hold tight) referring to the importance of securely gripping a ship’s rigging.
eg…Times are tough right now but we got to hold fast and ride it out.”
davWell…..officially my summer vacation is way over and I’m getting way slammed back at work 6 days a week and whine whine whine. davSo my Zoot Allures time has been rather limited. The weather had been quite nice and I’m still getting some swimming in with the small drawback of another ear infection. The days are getting shorter and the sunsets are moving from west to east. My horizon has a small mountain and within a week I lost a half an hour of sun!
But my major complaint is the weekly forecasts. I’ve been watching this turd of weather coming from the north in disbelief and was hoping it wasn’t going to be. But it “be” and it’s here and real and it sucks.
Screenshot_20180921-192502Screenshot_20180922-202202How do you like them apples. The temps dropped over 10 degreesC and it’s blowing a force 8 to 10. And all the weather apps agree. On Tuesday it began to blow but it wasn’t too bad. By the evening it seemed to be getting worst and by Wednesday morning it was scary. After work I blasted down to check up on things with a knot in my stomach. It was frightfully intense. I just stood there watching poor ol’ Zoot Allures dangle on her mooring.


That was yesterday, Wednesday. It’s Thursday now. I’m stuck at work but will head down again. The real bad stuff should end this evening and it will just be bad. If all goes well it will have been quite and experience. Remember the beginning of the summer when my mooring ropes and swivel were stolen and I replaced them…. hopefully everything happens for a reason.


Stay tuned and …stop blowing so freaking hard!

Capt Pete

ps… You know what’s really dandy? Apparently there is a Mediterranean cyclone heading our way this weekend!  Just dandy!


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