CLC Pram #2

Hey y’all and happy 2018!

Just a small update on the CLC Eastport Nesting Pram. I got the sheet of 10mm all cut up. That consists of the transom, bow, nesting bulkhead all with doublers, plus skeg and various other pieces, 11 in total and ready to start gluing the doublers to the corresponding parts mentioned.


DSC01821DSC01824I never mentioned how I transferred the full size patterns to the ply sheets. Really easy! Just lay them out considering wood grain direction and poke holes on the lines. Then line up the holes on the plywood. I used an old screwdriver and a sponge to pad my palm.


DSC01826Any hoo….I’ve come with a trick to do most of the cutting at home. Half an hour before going to work I make some “noise” for half an hour and split before anyone complains… and it’s working! What isn’t working are the supports I’m using on the balcony, which aren’t very stable DSC01827and I have to shift alot when sawing long lines. And the other day kneeling and adjusting, I nicked my nose on the wood. Done cutting I wiped my face with my hand and realized I was full of blood! Looks kinda gory but it’s fine. Just everyone at work thinks I was in “trouble” but haven’t noticed I shaved my beard. Go figure.DSC01839

And an other thing I’m haven’t figured out is where to source my epoxy. And what is really getting to me is that noone here has ever heard of wood flour! For now I’m collecting my own from the domestic mess I’m making….. minus the blood!

Stay tuned, follow your nose, it always knows.

Capt Pete

ps….. I think I might be done cutting by the end of next week! Lots of cutting, rasping, filing and planing to go.

pss…. by the kit next time!!!!!



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….the sound of the last calendar day of the year…kinda like what you hear opening a can of soda, beer or whoopass! And speaking of…. I decided to “get one in there” and post my 200th…. and the bottles go POP!

DSC_0518Work was grullish but I get time off for working weekends (not much Zoot Allures time at all) and head on down to the farm with family for some R&R.


DSC_0515But before I did manage to buy the plywood for my new dinghy project and get it up 5 floors to my pad. I used this guys trick and hauled 2 sheets of 6mm, 1 10mm, 1/2 12mm and 1/2 18mm.  Thank you sooo much Luis!!

Back after Christmas,  I’ve been drawing out the plans on the plywood.


The first sheet was the 10mm which was also the most complicated one.


I got it out on the balcony  and roughly cut it into smaller pieces to fit in my car (the neighbors were not pleased), and yesterday I jigsawed them out in about 3 hours by ol’ Zoot’s side. And by last night I was done drawing out the rest back home. Jazz and whiskey are my friends!

And speaking of friends, my dear friends, have a happy and healthy new year! And if you want to build a dinghy like me…. by the freakin’ kit!

Stay tuned,

Capt Pete

ps… I still have to cut the other pieces to smaller car fitting sizes. But the neighborhood is really quiet due to the holidays. There is a lot of cutting/sawing to go and I can’t do it all here in the city.

pss… did you know a sheet of plywood is 2.5 by 1.25 meters?! Can you imagine how it is moving them around in a small city apartment????

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Well well well….

Remember that one…. it’s around 12:45

So….well well well, ZootAllures is posting a new post. It’s kind of like we fell of the edge of the sea.Final_Frontier_VoyagerAnd it actually felt that way. Nothing tragic happened. It’s just that same old thing. Ol’ Zoot was once again nothing but a swimming platform! I’ll get back to this…

The last week of July I did go on a little cruise and it was fun with good company but naturally the winds were not cooperative. The wind, if any, was from the south. Rather rare for that time of year in the Aegean and all the good anchorages are protected from the northerns. So there was a lot of rockin’ and rollin’ and a few restless nights. A nice app called Sky Map (which I recommend) made up for that! I’ve got a load of pictures from that time but there not mine, so maybe I’ll post them at a later date.

Back to the swimming platform. My transmission (which was rebuilt 2 years ago) was leaking oil from the seam.  I was keeping an eye on it and a diaper kept it at bay. But during that last little cruise it got totally out of control and I was lucky to get us back (without panicking the crew!) And that’s pretty much when Zoot Allures died within my soul.

Every f#@$ing year, for one reason or another, I have a crippling engine problem. It’s a dream killer and this time it really got to me and it’s not viable anymore. I tried using ColdWeld over 10 times but it would always fail. So Ol’ Zoot didn’t let go of the mooring until haul-out late October. So…..what to do? Sell or re-power.

Re-powering will either be a BetaMarine or a Thoosa9000. Both options will go for over 10k which will bankrupt me. If so, I’ll probably go with the Thoosa. I’ve been dreaming of going electric for a while now ignoring all the nay-sayers. A new diesel would be nice but I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t maintain one upside-down anymore. Plus…they smell bad!  For now I’ve decided to to give it one last chance and pulled the tranny last weekend. Zoot Allures is once again gutted and dead. Oooohhhmmmmmmm!

But …there’s a cherry on top! Remember my nice multicolour Cosa inflatable dinghy which I had made a nice uv cover for etc etc etc?….. POOF…. gone…..stolen.

Hence the long delay on posting anything on this blog. I haven’t given up….yet. The Dream has been hanging on a thin line. I’ve moved my bed to my living room, the bedroom is turning into a workshop and soon I’ll start building my new dinghy!

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… don’t cry for me Argentina….. lala lala la la

pss…bytheway….it’s pretty impressive  that when your dreams are on the edge of perish, alot of human relations tend to follow. Go figure.


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