Zoot Allures specs

Zoot Allures is a Fjord MS 33

first view/survey


this info is from…


Out-of-production 33-foot monohull aft-cockpit fiberglass sloop with pilothouse from Fair Wind Sailing Inc..

Formerly built in Norway.

Specifications for the Fjord 33 MS

LOA 33.0 ft. LOD 33.0 ft.
LWL 26.0 ft. Beam 11.0 ft.
Draft 4.5 ft. Displaces 15,869 lbs.
Ballast 5,000 lbs. Sail Area 613.0 sq. ft.

Performance Indicators

D/L 403 B/D 32 % SA/D 15.5
Comfort 34.2 Capsize 1.75 L/B 3.0

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  1. hanna says:

    dearest one,
    we are very happy to see you happy again
    AND: sooooooooooooo oh poetic peter!
    you are wonderful!
    Kisses H u G
    see you at shirley…


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