Shopping DooDads

What did you do during your lockdown, hmmm???

Did you binge watch a bunch of series on netflix???

I didn’t. I went shopping. And when I say “went”, I mean I sat on my couch in my pajamas and hit AliExpress, BangGood and BangGood ships from the Czech Republic, Amazon from Germany, so the prices are final including VAT and any other customs. AliExpress is naturally from China…shop and pray. (Bytheway… the batteries came from AliEpress in Poland so again the extra $$ were included and final)

So what did you shop, you may ask.

First of all a decent multimeter for pete’s sake! I got a Uni-T with an ampmeter clamp which goes up to 1000amps DC. Sweet! It took 2 months from China but no extra charges.

Next…. Battery chargers. Firstly, a cheap one. 1200watt which will be for the full 48volt battery, charging at 20amps.

The 48volt battery consists of 16 cells and the flavor of the day is to use a benchtop power supply so you can get funky with voltage, amps, constant current (cc) and constant voltage (cv) charging. I’ll explain what all that is in another post.

First a Riden! Best bang for your buck. 800W switching power supply and a 18amp controller. I bought it from all over the place, the psu, the controller and its box. And I put it all together without electrocuting myself!

I also got a smaller 300watt one. Smaller, programable and cute! Though it would be a good idea to get a second one to be on the safe side. (to be continued)

Another vitally important component of the battery is the BMS (battery management system). Lithium cells mustn’t be overcharged nor undercharged. Since there are 16 cells in series, the bms is vital. It’s a relay type with bluetooth, known as “smart”. This also shall be exposed more in a later post. Also it’s the only thing I shopped that got held and charged in customs plus VAT….D’oh!

How about a fuel gauge?? Our new fuel is AMPS! So I got a smart shunt by Victron… the good stuff. It pretty much measures amps going in and out of the battery so you know what the hell is going on.

Jeez…. anything else.

Yes! A 15tonne hydraulic crimping tool!

A big ass wire cutter for big ass cables

And something I’ve needed forever…small wire stripper and crimper

So there. When I shop… I shop!! And I’m not done yet…. only for the time being.

Still gotta get distribution bus bars, big ass cables, lugs for said cables… and build the whole thing. The lockdown was fine but now all hell is breaking loose work wise. Insert blasphemy.

Stay tuned…and dig up the jammys…it’s getting chilly!

Capt Pete

ps…..And if anyone owes you money, that big ass wire cutter will be most useful….!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Shopping DooDads

  1. Steve Yoder says:

    Buying stuff is fun. Do you/will you have the battery and charging capacity on the boat to be able to us e the motor for more than just entering and leaving port? Like will you be able to motor a couple of hundred miles if necessary?


    • …motor a couple of hundred miles….oh, good god, no. Battery capacity is 280ah, Working with 250ah, and assuming 30amps going 3knts, that’s 8 hours and 25 miles. pretty sad, eh. Hopefully I’m too pessimistic . But yeah, the more you throttle, the worse it gets. Hybrid with a small gas generator does not excite me. There’ll be a lot more sailing going on and a lot of waiting for wind. Hopefully PV will be the way to charge but thatsalotta panels for 48volt


  2. Arcady says:

    I’m impressed by your courage (and knowledge!) in taking such a bold solution to re-engining. If I may ask such a pointed question: how does the total cost of going electric compare with the cost of re-engining with a 40 – 50 hp diesel? More or less? I can readily understand a lightweight racer choosing electric to get in and out of harbour, but choosing it for a motorsailer means you are, er, in fact basically a sailboat 🙂

    Anyway – you have my full respect for making your own unique choices and not following the herd. I will be really interested to see how this works out.

    Best wishes!


    • Hello Keith!
      You could say that that the price would be the same. But you save on the maintenance. Plus the filth is gone. Batteries determine a lot of cost. I’m trying to stay in a medium cost…under 10k….shhh….
      I’ll probably post the final cost one day unless it’s too embarrassing!


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