Zed’s Dead, baby!

Hi everybody! ‘Been a while, eh? Well, if you’re locked down for 7 months, not much boat stuff goes on. Other stuff yes, lots of new situations, obligations…what do you expect from a pandemic.

But lets just jump in

Yes, it’s official as the title states “Zed’s dead”

Zed being the old cunt of a diesel Perkins 4.108. And yes, I called that hunk of stinky steel, who’s ears I’ve been petting and given up so much time for in the past 9 years, a cunt!

So, we left off to the fact that it was stuck and wouldn’t turn over, not even by hand.

Last fall I pulled the injectors and poured some diesel in the cylinders maybe to loosen something up, but still stuck. I thought maybe the starter motor was stuck in the flywheel. So it was time for Kostas to assume the position I’ve seen more often than I’d like to mention. Hard stuff…gotta remove the oil filter with housing and…… and…..and….

And guess what. Nothing! W.T.F.!! Then we locked down and, not remembering when but I got the call from Kostas with the dead cunt news. At last, the witch is dead. Ding, f-ing Dong!

So, apparently the coolant I was leaking was from a crack in the exhaust which got 2 cylinders stuck. And I’m pulling the plug! Enough is enough.

I got a chance to blast down and saw the ugliness.

So since then I’ve removed all the loose parts, making a mess and getting oily and filthy (for the last time) and have unbolted the mounts and all things attaching Miss “C” from Zoot Allures.

Our lockdown is over and now am patiently (I lie) waiting for when the crane comes to get that thing outathere!!!!

And so, as always,

Stay tuned……I mean it this time!

Capt Pete

ps…… I hope every one got through this passed year unscathed. Very strange time and still is.

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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15 Responses to Zed’s Dead, baby!

  1. Arcady says:

    Hi Pete,

    High time I reckon to let that Perkins RIP, and to do what needs to be done. Breath some life back in to old ‘Zoot with a younger engine and spend more time sailing rather than knuckle-bashing on that old lump of metal!

    It costs $$$ I know, but if you could get something younger and more reliable in her, you’d be smiling again this summer. Any thoughts on what you’ll replace it with?

    Best wishes



    • Hey, Keith!
      RIP indeed! I have already been spending the $$s but I’m afraid I’m going to miss this season. Being locked down so long the amount of things that have to be done is overwhelming (a renovation, day job etc)). The “C” is still in and soon it’ll get too hot! But the replacement shall be reveled soon.


  2. Constantine L says:

    Same here the cunt cost me 2k to fix identical issue. Keep buggering on somewhere ahead there is some Dirty Love to be had 👍

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  3. Marc says:

    Sounds expensive! And bloody. Poor old zoot! Will new younger Mizz C be caressed into years of faithful service?


    • Marc!, baby, howaya dooooing??
      Yes, expensive. The new Madam E (?) shall be caressed with a feathers. But I’m entering uncharted waters and I gotta keep the “expensive” mistakes to a minimum. If you don’ make a mistake, you don’t learn. Already blew up a $90 300W bench power supply…oopps!


      • Marc J Prufer says:

        SOAB! I hate it when that happens. You sound buoyant nevertheless and a sailing season off is one well spent otherwise I am sure by Cap’n Pete! Of that I am sure. Research and putting in the time to find the right wench and wrench will pay dividends. Miss you as always — double vaccs all around!


      • Buoyant …not quite but I’m trying. Summer’s gonna be different this year without Mom and all. Surely relaxing.
        Will be double vacced on the 27th. Had a double dewers after the first one…bad idea!


      • Marc says:

        Pfizer double! No problem. Double scotch too!

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  4. Steve Yoder says:

    Hey there Cap’n, good to hear from you. Sorry to hear about the engine but I at least you know when to quite beating a dead horse. Looking forward to hearing what your replacement is. I’d probably be opting for a Beta but there are lots of good engines out there (or so I assume). Glad to hear you made it through the Coronapocalypse okay. Other than the bother of wearing masks we barely noticed down here in SE AZ. Guess we were already unsociable homebodies. Take care.


    • Steve, always good to hear from you. Hello’s to Lulu.
      I was going for a Beta but the guy down here I talked to pissed me off!
      We got hit kinda hard here in GR. but we just “opened up”. I had a lot of time researching and learning stuff for the new status of ol’Zoot. Plus a whole lot more from an engineering point of view about a tech disruption this decade! Mind boggling!


  5. Tom says:

    Ah Pete I understand your wowes. it is time to change before it costs too much. After I sold Ziranda I thought I need another project so I bought a westfalia vw t 25 in shit condition. So I did it up, looks good but when driving up a hill and a bicycle passes you and there are a load of cars stacked up behind you it was time to look at the engine. I am an engineer so I look at all options and whats easily available. Well I ripped the engine out of my wifes subaru a flat 4 same as the vw boxer flat 4 and put it in the vw along with the ECU loom etc. etc. Now it is like a normal car 135 bhp pushes this vw brick up hills at speed. I was the first in Ireland to do this conversion.
    You choose your engine well examine all options.


  6. Hello captain. Your engine is toast but at least it won’t give you any more grief after it’s removed. Big decision time now. I’m at my boat on the mooring for a week but should have planned for a month just to get it clean and in sailing condition, and nothing is broken. So yeah, owning a sailboat should be a full-time job with benefits and perks. Hope it all works out better than expected.


    • Toast is an understatement!
      Hey Horacio, howayadoin’? (I miss your bogs)
      So nothing broken?….sweet. I spent last weekend on the boat and since the cunt is still home, I did other boat stuff tottering around. I miss that! Cleaning, oiling wood, pumping the accumulator tank which….seems broken…naturally!
      I’ve pretty much accumulated most of the new “stuff” but at this rate and the heat kicking in…is gonna be a boring boatless summer. Too much time lost in lockdowns! But all is good!


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