CLC Pram #12 …Skeg, Skids and The Slot!

Yet another update on the CLC Eastport Nesting Pram. The technique building this little boat is known as “stitch & glue”. Time for the Skeg, Skids and The Big Ass Slot!

DSC01991Installing the skeg and the skid rails is a 2 man job. Since I don’t have a bunch of people knocking my door down drooling with help in their eyes (?), it was time to get funky. The hull was pre-marked and holed with pilot holes. the skeg and skids have to be dry fitted (before gluing) to prepare their pilot holes. The skeg is pretty much straight forward but the skids have to be bent. That’s where the 2nd person comes in to hold the dang thing in place while you drill from underneath.

So first I drill a forward pilot hole in the skid (time to funk!). Then I screw a bronze screw from under just to expose the tip. Then place the skid in place so the tip just enters the skids pilot hole. Then tape it down (a weight would slid off). Go under and drive in the forward screw. Climb out and realize that it didn’t screw in but just pushed it up. Swear…and do it again. Then bend the skid and weigh it down in place.


DSC01992From under drill through the hull pilot holes but just to mark the skid. Remove the skid and open pilot holes where it was marked. Drive the screws though the hull and expose just the screw tips. Place the skid on the hull and check that all the tips correspond to the pilot holes.

DSC01995Have a drink and mix some thickened epoxy. Slather epoxy on the skid and the hull and do it again. Tape down the forward part ensuring the alignment. Screw in the forward screw and crawl out to make sure it IS screwing in. Bend and weigh down the aft end aligning the screw tips in the pilot holes. Drive in the aft screw, always checking… and then the other 2 screws (4 in all). Clean up the epoxy squeeze out and remove the tape.

How nice… every thing went just fine. Ok… do it all again for the other skid and then for the skeg. I must have crawled in and out of the overturned hull well over 299 times. How funky is that!?











Taa Daaaa!

While I was at it I assembled the mast step


DSC02003DSC02004Time to open that Big Ass Slot where the dagger board pops though. The quickest and scariest way is with a router with a flush trip bit. I opened some big holes in the hull (again…!) to fit the bit though. The bit has a wheel at the bottom and will use the daggerboard trunk walls as a guide. What could go wrong?


Taa Daaaa!

I just got another drink. God know how many I’ll have when the TIME comes!

Stay tuned……hic!

Capt Pete.

ps….meanwhile on Zoot Allures. The tranny holes are filled and need drilling plus I also went shopping. 5liters engine oil, 2 for the tranny, 8 liters engine coolant… plus the 2 fuel filters, oil filter and impeller. That’s alot to carry around on a motorcycle!





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CLC Pram #11 …Seat Supports

Yet another update on the CLC Eastport Nesting Pram. The technique building this little boat is known as “stitch & glue”. Time to affix the seat supports!

Just a side note…. I’m working a ACFE conference and god all mighty is it boring. It’s all about fraud….aaahahahaha! I thought is was going to interesting but…nope. A good opportunity to write this!

DSC01988So the seats are to be screwed onto their supports which are glued to the hull. The procedure is to tack-weld them first with the seats affixed, then remove the seats and fillet them and add some fiberglass to the bottom fillet for more strength. A 2 day job depending you find the motivation, with is a topic of its own!

DSC01971DSC01972So firstly attach the seats to their supports with temporary wood screws and support them in place via “stuff” underneath and tape.


What really bugs me with this project is that if you screw up….you are totally screwed!

DSC01975Tack welding is thickening some epoxy and with a syringe shoot some globs where the seat support meets the hull. Then leave it overnight to set and hopefully everything is as you left it. I guess having nightmares and checking on it in the middle of the night is normal!

DSC01978With a everything in place I removed the seats and set up for filleting. I made a big batch, 200gr of epoxy plus 100gr hardener plus a bunch of cabosil and wood flour. The “peanutbutter” was bag-ed, sniped and ready for all 12 fillets. First the 6 top sides, smooth it out, flip the boat over, crawl under and do the bottom 6 fillets. This was taking a while and the epoxy started to kick (it’s gotten quite warm here lately) and the bag started heating up to the point I couldn’t use it all and had to make another batch. Lesson learned.

Next I mixed some un-thickened epoxy and glued some fiberglass to the under side joint. It’s kinda fun working under an upside-down boat. Lesson learned…where knee pads!







Bada Bing…


Bada Boom!


All I need now are the actual seat screws… but I’m working during screw-shop hours…naturally!

Stuff left to do. Get the screws I need, glue and screw the skeg, bottom rubrails and mast step. Then sand the whole boat from all the epoxy globby mess I’ve made. Then paint the whole thing with a couple of coats of epoxy and then………..

Stay tuned….

Capt Pete.

ps…. Usually after work, I’m beat. So at home I lay down and listen to motivational speakers on youtube. Les Brown, Zig Zigler, Wayne Dyer etc. Then I get up and boat-ify myself. It’s not working very well this week. I knackered. Plus everyone says I’m a fool for considering not launching ol’ Zoot. What doesn’t kill you….just might one day!

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CLC Pram #10 …Eye witnesses!

Yet another update on the CLC Eastport Nesting Pram. The technique building this little boat is known as “stitch & glue”. Time for some fun…..Eye witnesses!

I got new stuff for the next post on progress going on but I just remembered I have a picture from 3 weeks ago when I had friends over so see what the hell’s going on.


You’ve heard of and seen them before. Alexandra, Hanna and Gustav…plus my sis and “dumb dog” Panos (who didn’t make the shot  😦 ). You can click on their names to check out their artistic endeavors. And since they’re all artists they where quite impressed…so  flattery was flowing as was the wine and pizza. Good times!

So officially this is all real and the eye witnesses are spreading the word…. my house is a mess!

Stay tuned,,,,,, cheers!

Capt. Pete

ps… meanwhile on Zoot Allures…. I got the gaskets for the tranny. The best part was beating the system. The bank wants 20-30 euros to send money to England from Greece. The tag for the gaskets plus delivery was 26pounds so I just sent 30 in an envelope and… badaboom! Stuff like that makes me smile!

pss…. before going to bed last night I was going through the CLC manual. Big mistake! There is soooo much to do in soooo little time! It’s almost summer!


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