CLC Pram #3 the Bulkhead

Happy day y’all. Here’s the next update on the CLC Eastport Nesting Pram. It’s all about the bulkhead. It’s the wall in the middle which will be doubled since the boat will be “doubled” after being cut in two.

DSC01873DSC01874First thing was to cut up a thick piece of cardboard which will be sandwiched between the 2 bulkheads so we’ll be able to saw apart the boat. Then re-drill the holes I filled with epoxy.




The hard part is lining them up just right and not to make a mess out of it. Well… I guess noone is perfect!

DSC01878DSC01879Then it’s time to start aligning  the bulkheads and passing in the carrage bolts which will be epoxy-ed in the forward bulkhead.

And to place the in-between cardboard, do a final dry fit and screw the whole thing down.


Time to get real. Which means…. wearing gloves, mixing epoxy with cabosil and not handling a camera. One by one I removed a bolt, wet the countersink with un-thickened epoxy (via a toothbrush) where the bolt head will slightly protrude, then fill in the countersink with thickened epoxy, wax the bolt threads, pass the bolt through, clean up the threads on the other side with de-natured alcohol and install the nut. Repeat the process for the next 5 bolts. The masking tape helps to clean up the mess. I had some leftover thickened epoxy so I mixed in some wood powder and assembled the daggerboard trunk plug.

DSC01884The next morning I un-screwed and screwed the nuts a bit cause they were starting to stick with some epoxy residue. After work I un-screwed the nuts and tried to separate the bulkheads. An my heart began to sink. They where f-ing stuck together!! The manual said to use floor wax on the screws. Not having any I used some real old car wax which was a dumb idea! Real dumb!! Apparently the bolts got stuck in the mating holes. In a freaked out state I started prying the bulkheads apart using 2 big screwdrivers (destroying the cardboard) and in about half an hour I got them apart. It was only 24 hours so the epoxy hadn’t cured 100%. I was having visions of building the whole boat, sawing it in half and not being able to separate it. Jeeeez!!!

Ok, it’s done. All is good. The mating holes needed to be drilled out a bit and now the 2 bulkheads seem to fit well and easily. And all this got me thinking. In all the videos I’ve seen, they show separating the boat in half… but none putting it back together! Time will tell…

Time to start stitching!!

Stay tuned… and wax them screws… and leave the dolphins alone!

Capt Pete.

DSC01885ps… sneak preview… I started stitchin’ last night. It’s gonna be alot of stitching!!

pss… building a boat in your (ex)bedroom requires scotch and jazz… or is it just me…? And no, the epoxy day had no scotch!

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CLC Pram #2.55…5

Hey y’all. Here’s another update of how my CLC Eastport Nesting Pram is going. To be a bit more precise….this is how building the “kit” is going. If I had forked out the $$, I would have been in the “building” phase. But noooooooo… I took the road less traveled and blah blah yada yada…nuf said.

I “rabbet” the planks!


DSC01855A rabbet is a bit you use in a router to make that little shelf to certain depth. Mine’s a 12mm. The scary part is/was not to screw up which would mean buying new wood, re-drawing the planks, re-cutting etc. The planks are 6mm so cutting out 3mm is nerve wrecking. But hey! It worked out fine!


DSC01862While I was at it I also routed out where the daggerboard plug goes in the middle thwart (seat. The plug serves to keep your butt dry while rowing!). Then back home I was fine tuning the plug with the rasp and managed to rasp my thumb… twice… in the same place! My left thumb is going to hate boats soon!

I’ve started the preparations if the center bulkhead where the carrage bolts will be fastened. It’s a “drill, fill, drill” method. In order to protect the wood from water entering its pours, you over drill the holes, fill with epoxy and finally re-drill your desired hole.

First a countersink for the bolt head.


DSC01866Then  drill out a big ass hole… in both bulkheads clamped together. Screwing up here would suck worse that the above planks! (actually… screwing up anywhere would really suck)

Then I filled the holes. I first wet them out with epoxy and then fill them with thickened epoxy with cabosil.








DSC01870While I was at it, I made my own star knobs. They came out real dumb but will be fine for know.


So it’s about time to complete the center bulkhead and start stitching!!! Yeah! Of course I have to drill out all the stitch holes… about all 500 of them!!


Stay tuned,

Capt Pete

ps… whoever I mention the 500 holes I drilled out in my boat give me the weirdest look!

pss… the manual says to buy a lot of drill bits cause they break. I didn’t break any. Is something wrong??



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CLC Pram #2.5


Well… I cut the wood for my CLC Eastport Nesting Pram


DSC_0519DSC_0522DSC_0523DSC_0524And it didn’t happen over night. I would do a panel every morning before going to work and before my neighbors knew what hit them. And as you can see… there’s gonna be a lot of planing!


Now they all need to be “rabbet”ed with a router which hopefully I’ll get done this weekend far away from the poor neighbors… it’s going to be REAL loud!

DSC01842DSC01847And I’ve started gluing the bulkheads, transom and bow. First I started using some ready epoxy putty but it was way to thick and difficult to use on large surfaces. I eventually sourced some resin for under 100 euro a gallon(!!!) and mixed with cabosil  filler the process went along alot easier.



And since I did such a wonderful (NOT) job cutting my wood, it took me 3 hours with a rasp to even everything out. A rasp is an awesome tool!

DSC01853So things are coming along sloooowly but surely! Unfortunately not though with poor ol’ Zoot Allures. And I’m not to comment on that because it depresses the shit out of me!

Stay tuned,

Capt Pete.

ps… dust control has become a major issue back home!

pss… I still need to source some solid wood for the quarter knees, outwales etc. Plus I need would flour (as an epoxy filler) which nobody has ever heard of around these parts of the woods…pun intended!


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