The Stats on Zoot Allures and CLC Pram

Hey Y’all!

Ask any boat guy/gal how many boats they have and the answer will be…”one more”!! Well this month has been a frenzy of preparing 2 boats for this season. I’ve lost track as to what’s been happening when… but a nutshell is Zoot Allures on the weekends and the CLC on weekdays back home after work.

DSC02029When I last wrote something I had planned on finishing the ‘hardcore sanding” so to finish the last layers of epoxy coating of any bare wood. Hardcore means using the angle grinder to sand and the router on the edges. DSC02031I did most of it outside…. but god… what a mess it is using power tools on a wooden boat… in an apartment. When that was all over, a good clean up with a brush and garden hose. Then the last epoxy coats.IMG_20180622_092458_resized_20180625_113349560 Some parts get 3 coats, others just 2. Rather confusing what’s been done and what not… my advise is to take notes! It takes days because you can only do one side at a time, flipping the boat plus all the seats and daggerboard and rudder.

IMG_20180609_103740_resized_20180625_113348339IMG_20180610_082621_resized_20180625_113347618On the weekend Kostas and I got the TMP transmission back together. The same day it got plopped back in Zoot Allures and the following day all connected and we fired up the Perkins. My heart sank when there was still an oil leak where there was previously. IMG_20180610_103333_resized_20180625_113345366Kostas reassured me that we’ll use metal glue again (WTF!!) but it will be fine now that the screw holes were rebuilt and he could tighten it down good. I wasn’t so optimistic.

DSC02033IMG_20180626_210855_resized_20180702_114546386Back home…time to sand down all the epoxy coated wood. That’s like “all” of the boat. Rather sad seeing a nice shinny boat go cloudy. With that done it was time for primer. I used the home stuff, not the fancy nautical primer, something called “velatura”… and boy, does that stuff smell. Again it takes time cause you got to wait for it to dry and flip the boat for the other side.

On the weekend I serviced the old Perkins. Changed the oil, oil filter, 2 diesel filters, reconnected the shaft. God I’m so f-ing sick of diesel engines and their mess! But that weekend I did have some non-boat related fun. Like a meet up with my visiting childhood best-friend-next-door- neighbor I hadn’t seen in 47 years, my sisters 60th birthday bash and I also went to a concert which I hadn’t for over 10 years… Seu Jorge and he played, with orchestra,  Bowie songs like he did in the movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

IMG_20180628_193254_resized_20180702_114548752IMG_20180628_205134_resized_20180702_114553541Back home, time to sand the primer before the pant. Another huge dust mess. Most of the stuff gets sanded off! I’ve only done the outside of the hull thus far and last night I got the second coat of Epifanes Nautiforte. This is some really nice (plus expensive) paint. The finish comes out really nice and thank god I got that 3M 6200 respirator with filters. The fumes are un-godly!

IMG_20180624_194448_resized_20180625_113346434But before last night… the previous weekend, Kostas had prepped the tranny, we fired up the Perkins… and no leak. So he says there’s no reason not to launch!?!? WTF! So I painted on the anti-foul paint, tidied up the huge mess aboard, brought over all the cushions from back home and waited for the date. It was last Friday! Yes! Zoot Allures got launched! Along with all the back breaking anxiety that goes with it.





Sunday at noon I moved out of the harbor to my mooring eager for my first swim. I knew my float had sunk so I dropped anchor, dove in and realized the swivel and ropes were missing. Yes…I’ve been robbed again!! Thank god I had spares and I spent 2 hours setting it up and became a shriveled up trembling mess.

What wont kill you only makes you stronger…. but I’m pushing it.

The first 100 years are the most difficult!

Stay tuned,

Ca…ca…ca…Captain Pete

ps…One week to go and I stop work for 7 weeks. Hopefully I’ll get some rest. It’s been the most difficult year ever!

pss…I’ll cruise but but the for-mentioned “rest” is mandatory!

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CLC Pram #14 Chop Chop!

Yet another update on the CLC Eastport Nesting Pram. The technique building this little boat is known as “stitch & glue”. And since it’s a “nesting” dinghy…………… CHOP CHOP TIME!!! More like “saw saw” time.

My friend Alexandra came by, we had a couple of pops and stuff, procrastinated, and proceeded with shaky hands.


A few “ohmms” and with the use of a Japanese saw… first up high, the iroko outwales.


Then we leaned it up against the wall and went at the hull


Sawing is tiring! Who knew? Any hoo…we took alot of breaks.











Well… after a couple of hours(!)….we unscrewed the bulkhead nuts and started to pull and……..



The “nesting test…










Success!! And the euphoria was running like a river!

And now it’s time to sand sand sand….

Stay tuned,

Capt Pete.

ps… … and sand I shall. I started today. And it kinda sucks! I think the next update may take awhile!

pss… this weekend theoretically the transmission shall re-enter Zoot Allures…theoretically….




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CLC Pram ###…SEX!

Ouhh yeah, baby! Those curves, that body, that texture, those lines….











Yet another update on the CLC Eastport Nesting Pram. The technique building this little boat is known as “stitch & glue”. Time for SEX!

And you all know what I’m talking about. It’s the reason we are all here. Attraction isn’t a choice. It’s our reptile brain, dummie.  There is nothing more luring than a new shinny wooded boat. If you don’t think so…why are you reading this blog.??

Now that you’re over your hypocrisy……

IMG_20180531_184540_resized_20180601_071747412This post is to document the “babe” before she gets fucked, knocked, chopped up! (…and to prove what a moron I can be if I really want to!) The whole thing has 2 coats of unthickened epoxy and really looks like it’s been covered in glass. I’m also working on the seats and oars. I’d like to get another coat on but I’m running out of time… and epoxy (almost 6liters so far). Next steps are sanding and sanding and sanding and cutting in two…or the other way around. It’s all about planning which is rough with everything else going on (eg. work). But I think this is the last time you all will see this boat as she is today!



So it’s selfie time!













Stay tuned…. and always “naughty”!!

Capt Hoochie Coochie Pete

ps.. I think everyone should build a boat. Look at what it’s done for me!!


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