Hiding the Sinking De-flatable!

Yes, it’s the loyal sinking de-flatable!

It came with Zoot Allures.

It’s nice and white. Has a full wood floor. It’s got a bunch of patches on it… the floor has more. I’ve spent hours on it but it still needs air every 2 days. Especially after the sun goes down, it’s a “limp biscuit”. Plus you always get wet feet. It gets boring after a while.

I gave up on it last year and threw it away since I had a nice new bouncy dry one. That got stolen so I dug it out from the dinghy graveyard.

It rows terribly. And in a blow it could be dangerous.

It’s a piece of shit.

But it’s been so faithful to its duty. So I’ll continue to give it a blow job with wet feet as long as I don’t end up in……  Turkey or Africa!

Stay tuned… and row between the gusts,

Capt Pete.

ps…. but next year we’ll have the CLC “rowing machine!”


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Hiding Zoot Allures!

Shhhhhhhh…… !

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The Stats on Zoot Allures and CLC Pram…again!

“What’s the status” is what an old boss of mine would say everytime he entered the lab as he watched me going in circles looking for my calibers…. but that’s another story. Speaking of stories, you probably saw it already, the other day there was a horrific fire not to far from ol’ Zoot. We are all in shock from the number of casualties.

So I last wrote about Zoot Allures floating on her mooring which was  half ass reassembled after being semi robbed. The week after that I was done from work for the summer (yeah!) and drove down to Piraeus port, melting in sweat, and got what I needed to get the mooring back up to spec…. consisting of 30meters of 22mm rope and shackles and swivels.IMG_20180710_134619_resized_20180724_053019833DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPROThe next day I hauled all that stuff (mind you, heavy) down to ol’ Zoot and swapped out the temporary fix. I also did a lot of diving checking the mooring and it all looks good enough for me to sleep at night. And then I wrapped it up, bid adieu and headed back to the hot city. There are other things that need attending. My sis needed a break so I went down with my mother to the farm house. She needs to swim and I needed to get away as well. We got there in the evening and found a jungle

norIMG-20180719-WA0000IMG_20180721_151306_resized_20180726_073337406More work to be done. Lots of chores around the house and the orchard which had over ten geysers  to fix on a watering day. But I would wake up late, take naps and when Mom swam, I chilled in my own way! I even watched a lot of TV! ‘Watched the final soccer game and a F1 race. It had been years! Plus movies and ice cream. Mom is a bad influence!

We got back the other day, a day later due to another fire close to Corinth which closed down the highway for over 15hours. Monday was a bad fire day. I got my butt down on  Zoot Allures. IMG_20180725_172107_resized_20180726_073338034It had been 2 weeks and she was fine. Dirty and covered in ash. The eewy part was the faithful deflatable sinking dinghy. Yes deflated, yes full of water, but her bottom….ew ew EW! That’s what happens when you leave things unloved and attended! Really smelly and an hour of work. But all looks good. I ran the Perkins, no major leaks… all systems are looking “go”! I’m moving aboard for the full moon and it’s boat life time at last. I want to be back mid August for a family bash on the farm so I wont be sailing far (sorry Ikaria) but that’s the way it goes.

IMG_20180710_213242_resized_20180724_053018584IMG_20180710_213352_resized_20180724_053019273As for the CLC pram…… paint job is done. It’s got 2 coats of Epifanes Nautiforte on the exterior but at 30 clams a can, I went with something cheaper for the interior at a third of the price. We’ll see it holds up. All it needs is varnishing the transoms, outwales and the seats. But I’ve decided to leave it for September. Getting it done now would probably kill me plus there’s noone around to help me haul it down 5 flights, loading on my car and launching it. Of course the mast and sail will follow during the winter months. I can only handle so many boats.


Stay tuned, hold fast…

Capt Pete

ps… the oxymoron is that the weather and winds have been mostly gorgeous for cruising for 3 weeks. The forecast for mid next week are showing nasty 25+knot Meltemi winds. Sonafab@#$……….!!!

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