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A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom

“I’m Sorry!”

Did ya know…. A long long (long long) time ago there was an archery competition where people came from afar to watch and to participate. The first competitor/archer set a young boy with an apple on his head at a … Continue reading

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“Hold Fast”!

So it’s time to……. “To bear down, grit it out, stay the course. Originally a nautical term probably borrowed from the Dutch “houd vast” (hold tight) referring to the importance of securely gripping a ship’s rigging. eg…Times are tough right … Continue reading

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It was late Sunday afternoon. There was only a breath of wind which had died down from an annoyingly fresh south-easterly which wasn’t suppose to be. Everything was quieting down…tomorrow’s Monday morning officially kills most peoples summer vacation. On the … Continue reading

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