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A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom


…I dunno. It’s 2017. What do ya think about that? Personally… not much. I’m not impressed. “It’s the weather dummie”. Don’t get me wrong. I like “weather”, but I find it “not being nice” to be boring after a while. … Continue reading

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Spicing Double braid…Epic Fail!

It was quite a few years ago, summer,  I was having a cup-a-joe at a cafe in Serifos. A friend was saying he messed up his return ticket and had booked out of his room…. officially homeless for a night … Continue reading

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HA! And what, may you ask, is a blowber? Well, for starters, the temps have been really mild but it’s been raining torrentially! I got up the other night at 4am because it was frightening. Then I got up at … Continue reading

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