Getting …Where?

Who?….I dunno. The state of my scramble brain is just that….scrambled. It’s a 3 day weekend, it’s Sunday and I’m at work (not boat work). And I’ve forgotten so many times to take pictures of what’s going on….well, you know the same old excuses. My opinion of social media/blogs is pretty obvious. Get on with it then…..!

Last post was the motor installation. It has a controller which controls’ it (duh). Installed.

Check out them twinkle toes!. The controller converts the battery’s 48volt DC to 3 phase AC to the motor….from what I understand. That’s what those 3 black wires are. The rest are to connect to the battery and a harness of other smaller wires for throttle control, key switch, kill switch etc.

The battery. All the cells are in series and end up on 2 main bus bars. A negative and a positive. I made my own out of 5mm thick copper bar.

Some brief details. The battery negative goes to the BMS (battery management system), to the victron smart shunt (which measures what amps go in and out of the battery via bluetooth) and to the main negative busbar. The battery positive goes though the main switch, to an ANL fuse and to the main positive busbar. Easy peezy.

I dug up my old 12v battery switch and re-installed it and used the Blue Sea System one (red) for the motor. I should have moved the 12v one closer to the service battery on the other side of the boat but time is limited. Funny thing…they are “off-1-2-both” types which is going to confuse anyone else but me! Looks pretty dumb, un-noticeable unless you look at your feet

Check this out!

The throttle control is a little circuit thingy with an axle though it to control forward and reverse. I left all the old control cables onboard hoping to utilize them but that proved impossible. Then I tried to attach it directly to the old Morse throttle in the cockpit…no luck and trying almost killed me. So until a better solution drops from the sky, I built a wooden box and popped the sucker in with a right angle wrench to move the axle. So yeah, a portable throttle control!?!?!

Also in the news…. for charging I decided to go with solar and not a gas generator. Details for the setup in another post. Sneak peek…I ordered 5 100watt panels. The 4 are the minimum for charging a 48volt battery at a miserable rate of 5 amps. And one will always be shaded and bypassed via the diode…hence a fifth one. But shipping is a bitch.

They said they’ll send me a new one but there are supply chain issues.

It’s mid June. Kostas will be gone by the end of the month to help launch. I think I’ll only have 2-3 full days to get ready to launch which hasn’t happened in 3 years.

Oh oh…spaghetti O

Stay tuned,

Captain Pete.

ps…. What a mess….!!!

pss… page formatting sucks in wordpress so some text are not adjacent to the pics. It looks good while writing but the preview stinks…pfff

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2 Responses to Getting …Where?

  1. Constantine L says:

    Ok it looks neat I grant you that… the throttle is a scream … ok now picture this… you need to come out of say Poros and it blowing 6 in a meltemi and you had two days of overcast prior… do you have enough juice to get anywhere so that you can set sails … I know the Perkins cunt which I also have when oiled and fed and occasionally stroked will do that… it might have a puff in the process but that’s what you call Dirty Love … enjoy C


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