Slowly Moving Along

“Surely you should be done by now”

No….and stop calling me Sherly!! I think it was a couple of weeks ago, Sunday, my only day off…. it snowed! Then it was raining , cold and blowing stink but as the title says…slowly moving along.

The parts are in from the machine shop so time move along. Gotta figure the final spot for the motor bracket now that we’ve got the new shaft extender.

Soon it was obvious a wooden bridge between the boats engine mount was in the way, so off it went

Then we hung the bracket and roughly aligned the shafts and took measurements.

It became apparent the L beams needed some ears cut out to fit over the bridge supports. Also it’s getting apparent to me that I have no idea how to describe all of this!

Then back on board, hang the bracket and do a few spot welds…eewww!

And after some more welding….Et viola

Well alright. Now, the new cutlass bearing has to be placed in the stern tube and re-installed. The shaft diameter is 40mm. The new bearing was 1 5/8 inch…which comes to 41mm…sonafabitch! So that was pushed back another week… but things are moving along….slowly!!

Stay tuned and mind the weather….now it’s in the 20s…getting hot

Capt Pete.

ps… a sight for soar eyes…

… see something missing???? Yes!! The Perkins is gone!! Sold for parts for 300 clams. Good f-ing riddance!!!!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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