Meanwhile… in May…

Time for a Zoot Allures update.

We’ll, for starters, I guess ya’ll have figured it out that ol’ Zoot is staying high and dry this season. I just didn’t have the time and the energy to prepare her plus family reasons are keeping me from sailing afar.

But I have been keeping up with maintainance as much as possible. Eg…. I’m fixing up the cockpit combing windows. Over many years water has destroyed the sandwiched balsa and they need love. So I removed as much rot as I could and filled them with thickened epoxy and some 6mm plywood where nessasary. And I also made new window panes for looks. I’ve painted them with a couple of coats of epoxy and shall install them after the vacation.

And speaking of vacation… I left Athens yesterday for Boston for 12 days. My connecting flight in Montreal got canceled so I spent the night there and today (instead of waiting 3 days for my new flight) I changed my flight, took a local flight to Toronto, then a bus and train to the international airport and am awaiting at my Toronto gate for Boston which is already delayed.

What else to do than write a post.

So stay tuned and say oohmmm.

Capt Pete

Ps… Don’t do what I did like quiting smoking on such a traveling endeavor!

Pss this has been written on a phone… cantcha tell….?

Pass… my ass hurts!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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6 Responses to Meanwhile… in May…

  1. Marc says:

    Never ever fly Air Canada again!


  2. Hey, you’re in Toronto, my old town (city). Too bad you didn’t have time for a drink and some blues at Grossman’s, my old haunt. Have a good vacation.


    • My shuttle drive though town showed a beautiful city with nice sea side. I’d like to visit some day… but Air Canada sucks!!! Really… plus Canadians don’t seem to know the concept of moderate AC…. I’m freezing!


  3. Vince says:

    You could have called me earlier and we could have hung out. And you could have crashed at our place. But nooooo. Gotta do things the hard way instead. I believe I am will be in Athens overnight in September so be prepared.


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