Meanwhile…. in March…

Hello. Anybody home…?

I ain’t… I’m at work, up at 5am and it’s freakin’ Sunday! But I do try to watch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and he’s got a “meanwhile” segment and I thought I’d give it a shot. So….

Meanwhile…. The CLC nesting pram is done! The last touches where pretty-ing up the flotation under the seats.

Also I glued an elastic flange on one of the mating surfaces so they don’t bang too much during assembly and to maybe keep more water out.

And one that note, it is done finished and most importantly… time to get out of my bedroom!!!!

By now (then) it was mid March. With the help of my buddie pal, pal buddie Percules and Alexandra we got it down five flights and got er up on my car which with the help of Possidon got parked across the street.

And in short order by 2 beloveds were united!

Awwwww…. how sweet! There was no time for launching that day so that pretty much raps this saga up. Time for the sailing rig.

Stay tuned for more …meeeeeeeanwhile(s)!

ps… it is so great getting that boat out of the house!! It took forever to clean out the dust and I went full-out and empty-ed the bookshelf and got it on top of my old table. THAT was a project on its own….when was the last time YOU took everything down off your bookshelf ???

still a mess, a work in progress

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Meanwhile…. in March…

  1. Hey Pete, you got the pram out of the house into the real world. Building a boat is not an easy job! Launch day and some rowing around the bay ought to be fun. Would even be better with a sail.


  2. Matt says:

    That looks so good!


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