“Hold Fast”!

So it’s time to…….
“To bear down, grit it out, stay the course.
Originally a nautical term probably borrowed from the Dutch “houd vast” (hold tight) referring to the importance of securely gripping a ship’s rigging.
eg…Times are tough right now but we got to hold fast and ride it out.”
davWell…..officially my summer vacation is way over and I’m getting way slammed back at work 6 days a week and whine whine whine. davSo my Zoot Allures time has been rather limited. The weather had been quite nice and I’m still getting some swimming in with the small drawback of another ear infection. The days are getting shorter and the sunsets are moving from west to east. My horizon has a small mountain and within a week I lost a half an hour of sun!
But my major complaint is the weekly forecasts. I’ve been watching this turd of weather coming from the north in disbelief and was hoping it wasn’t going to be. But it “be” and it’s here and real and it sucks.
Screenshot_20180921-192502Screenshot_20180922-202202How do you like them apples. The temps dropped over 10 degreesC and it’s blowing a force 8 to 10. And all the weather apps agree. On Tuesday it began to blow but it wasn’t too bad. By the evening it seemed to be getting worst and by Wednesday morning it was scary. After work I blasted down to check up on things with a knot in my stomach. It was frightfully intense. I just stood there watching poor ol’ Zoot Allures dangle on her mooring.


That was yesterday, Wednesday. It’s Thursday now. I’m stuck at work but will head down again. The real bad stuff should end this evening and it will just be bad. If all goes well it will have been quite and experience. Remember the beginning of the summer when my mooring ropes and swivel were stolen and I replaced them…. hopefully everything happens for a reason.


Stay tuned and …stop blowing so freaking hard!

Capt Pete

ps… You know what’s really dandy? Apparently there is a Mediterranean cyclone heading our way this weekend!  Just dandy!


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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2 Responses to “Hold Fast”!

  1. That’s windy!! And it looks like more for the weekend. The problem of being on a mooring is getting to the boat when the wind starts to howl…look from shore and sweat it out.


    • That’s what I’ve been freakin’ doin’ for the past 3 days after work….plus it’s cold and rainy! Tomorrow morn there’s a break so I’m goin’ in, check it out, dive (brrr) on the mooring cause in the afternoon….here we go again!


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