CLC Pram ###…SEX!

Ouhh yeah, baby! Those curves, that body, that texture, those lines….











Yet another update on the CLC Eastport Nesting Pram. The technique building this little boat is known as “stitch & glue”. Time for SEX!

And you all know what I’m talking about. It’s the reason we are all here. Attraction isn’t a choice. It’s our reptile brain, dummie.  There is nothing more luring than a new shinny wooded boat. If you don’t think so…why are you reading this blog.??

Now that you’re over your hypocrisy……

IMG_20180531_184540_resized_20180601_071747412This post is to document the “babe” before she gets fucked, knocked, chopped up! (…and to prove what a moron I can be if I really want to!) The whole thing has 2 coats of unthickened epoxy and really looks like it’s been covered in glass. I’m also working on the seats and oars. I’d like to get another coat on but I’m running out of time… and epoxy (almost 6liters so far). Next steps are sanding and sanding and sanding and cutting in two…or the other way around. It’s all about planning which is rough with everything else going on (eg. work). But I think this is the last time you all will see this boat as she is today!



So it’s selfie time!













Stay tuned…. and always “naughty”!!

Capt Hoochie Coochie Pete

ps.. I think everyone should build a boat. Look at what it’s done for me!!


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to CLC Pram ###…SEX!

  1. Arcady says:

    Hey – looking good!!! (I’ll leave you to work out which I’m talking about!).


  2. Didn’t realize the pram was so large. If it weren’t for the daggerboard thing you could get a bimini cover and sleep in it!!! At least take a nap.


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