CLC Pram #13 …Mastfoot, Oars and Reality.

Yet another update on the CLC Eastport Nesting Pram. The technique building this little boat is known as “stitch & glue”. Time for the Mast Foot… plus I made some oars!

DSC02012DSC02008Mast Foot…The mast of this little sucker goes through the front seat into the mastfoot. Positioning it is one of those things that if you mess up…people will talk behind your back (as if they don’t already!) I gaff taped a ruler to my rightangle metal do-dad and aligned the mast foot normal to the hole in the seat. I marked the hull where its final position will be and glued it to the hull with bronze screws from under the hull…. following the same method for installing the skeg and rails.

DSC02018DSC02015Oars… Epoxy is expensive… and sensitive! If you don’t mix your batch properly, you end up with a bunch of goo. And the less you make, the more sensitive it is to the mix ratio (2 to 1 by weight). The mastfoot needed so little glue it seemed like a good idea to mix more and glue the oars. They’re made from stock pine 32mm which is probably too thin, and some 10mm plywood. As shown, they both have slots and inter-lock. Whether this was a good idea or if they hold up…time shall show.

DSC02021Looks pretty crummy but I think they’ll be fine with some TLC.

Reality….. errrrrr…. I think I’m done building the boat!! Wow!

DSC02020DSC02019But you know what they say…..”boat building is 90% sanding”! This is what I’ve been dreading so long. And the reality is that I’ve done an exceptionally messy job and it’s payback time. The forward transom is a mess plus the exterior hull is full of, what I call, epoxy-turds. Time to break out the scrapper and 40grit sandpaper. I tied using the angle grinder to sand the plank overhangs on the transom and the dust was horrible. I was considering cutting the boat in half so to do it outside but opted out and decided to proceed with the epoxy coating. The interior wasn’t too bad and came out quite nice! Here are 2 coats of unthickened epoxy.


So that makes the boat 12% done!

Stay tuned,

Capt Pete

DSC02025ps… I started on the hull exterior with the boat leaned against the wall. The plank seams need alot of work. Oh, joy of joys….This is going to be sooooo much fun!

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