CLC Pram #9 …Knees & Butts!

Yet another update on the CLC Eastport Nesting Pram. The technique building this little boat is known as “stitch & glue”. Time for Knees & Butts…howz that for a title! So here’s another quick biddy ’cause I’m swamped!

DSC01957Quarter Knees…. four sexy iroko pieces that strengthens and connects the transoms to to the hull. After a lot of  “rasping” I got a good fit and stuck ’em on with the best batch of  peanut butter epoxy mix to date.

Flip her!

Skeg and Skids… A skeg is the fin that helps for tracking and skids for protecting the hull from the ground…. hopefully nice sandy beaches.

DSC01958Hmmm…. time for some more “rasping”! And while I was at it I opened an optional hole for tying  down. I found a mini tablet which is quite useful with the lack of a work bench.






Bytheway… there’s my rasp… the file with big teeth which removes a lot of wood… and skin if you’re not careful. I think I might need a new one…. I think I’ve worn this one out!

Also the skids are planed and rasped and smoothed out. I like planing and one day (one day) I may require a decent one.












Now the manual says to install them as a dry fit before applying the bottom panel fiberglass. I decided to do this at a later date because the skeg would un-balance the hole thing on the supports…I don’t want to drop the boat again.

Butt cover... fiberglassing the bottom (only) panel. Same deal with the inside dressing. Fillet the seam between bottom and 1st panel, wait a couple of hours, then drape the glass sheet, smooth out and apply unthickened epoxy and “sweedge” out.



And then blast out to work till late Friday night. The ‘job’ has been driving me nuts. Six day weeks and the 6th is an 11 hour gig. Last Sunday I went down to ol’Zoot and didn’t do jack s$@%t… just to tired. And that’s the deal for the next few weeks!

Stay tune, eat well and sleep…

Capt Pete

ps…. but meanwhile on Zoot Allures, the previous weekend my friend Alexandra washed all the rails with vinegar while I washed and oiled all of ol’Zoot’s wood… 4 coats of D1. Lookin’ good…


pss…. if I wasn’t sitting/working a conference, I’d never get a chance to blog at all.


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A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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2 Responses to CLC Pram #9 …Knees & Butts!

  1. Almost done, I think. That’s a lot of work!


    • Not quite…and I’m trying not to think. It is a lot of work. I usually get about 6 hours a week in 3 weekday afternoons. I think the biggest job is going to be the first sanding of the entire thing. It’s gonna suck and I haven’t figured out where and when I’ll do it. Arrgg!


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