CLC Pram #5 Glue! Ew ew ew!!

Yet another update on the CLC Eastport Nesting Pram.  The technique building this little boat is known as “stitch & glue”. Last post was about the stitchin’……Time to glue!!

DSC01902But first I had to tip the boat upside-down. My supports aren’t particularly decent nor big and I got it on the third try…. the other 2 were actually dropping the boat…apparently no damage done… only to my pride. I then proceeded tightening her up. ‘Lookin’ like Franken-boat!


DSC01910DSC01911Time to glue the planks (not the bulkheads/transoms). The first step is to mix some epoxy and thicken it to a “sauce” consistency and “spot weld” the planks between the wire ties with a syringe. Naturally some is going to drip below. Naturally more than I anticipated! Lesson 1 learned…. make a thicker sauce! I spent quite some time down under the boat, but that’s a childhood fetish of mine. I would always capsize my little inflatables and spent time underneath!


DSC01915DSC01916Next step, after the “spot welding” has dried is to snip the wires from underneath, pull them out from the outside and to do some cleaning up and some planing.

DSC01917DSC01918Time for more glue. This time it’s thickened to the consistency of “mustard” and used to fill in the “whateveryouwannacallit” shelving of the planks. And after the epoxy kicks a bit (2-3 hours), make everything nice and smooth by running a wet-ed  gloved finger with denatured alcohol over it. DSC01919Now this is a lot of epoxy, I made 4-5 batches, a lot of mixing and adding filler, I think it totaled over 500 grams! This was pretty globby, it was running through the seams making a mess, I went through a ton of gloves…..Lesson 2 learned…. make a thicker mustard! And the next morning with the light of day I saw what a mess I had made…. a lot of sand is due in the near future.



This past week I’ve flipped her over again and checked for twist. And it was twisted. My diagonal measurements were off by over 2cm. So I eventually had to cut, remove and restitch the transoms. They were stuck/glued in some areas (due to the globby mess I made and I resorted to a dremmel… a bit of destruction and terror!) But I think I got the twist out, spot melded the transoms and am ready for the next stage…filleting!

But more on that…. next post.

Stay tuned… and mind you consistencies,

Capt. Pete

ps… epoxy is reeeeaaally goo-y! Impossible to be taking pictures in the process!

pss… this weekend I spent it down at the farm house… a break from anything “boat”. Sometimes ya gotta say f-it!


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A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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10 Responses to CLC Pram #5 Glue! Ew ew ew!!

  1. I would have built the pram at the farm…the view and the food look amazing. Don’t know about the Oozo, don’t think I ever had it.


    • Ouzo is great….but no more that 2 glasses!
      I wood luv to just hang at the farm and build boats but …. alas (=work). It’s not by the sea though, unfortunately (approx 10km). Mom and sis walked the beach, I veg-ed!


  2. arcady001 says:

    Likewise! I was thinking what a superb picture that was too: sooooo much nicer than the incessant rain I have back here. And that dinghy is really shaping up nicely; I’m impressed!


  3. Joao Bento says:

    Hello Preveza is ok ? To live ?

    No dia segunda-feira, 12 de março de 2018, Sailing Zoot Allures escreveu:

    > Sailing Zoot Allures posted: “Yet another update on the CLC Eastport > Nesting Pram. The technique building this little boat is known as “stitch > & glue”. Last post was about the stitchin’……Time to glue!! But first I > had to tip the boat upside-down. My supports aren’t particula” >


  4. Ilias says:

    so,in order to build a boat you have to be a perv(wtf is a transom) you need to know how to make mustard and your lady friend has to be willing to let you flip her over.Glad i was using air for means of transportation and entertainment


  5. Dick Stada says:

    Very helpful blog since I am building the same boat. I’ve just started to saw all parts. It is too cold in my shed (in the Netherlands) for the epoxy jobs. Hopefully it will be hot enough in the next month. Wish you lots of success.


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