Well well well….

Remember that one…. it’s around 12:45

So….well well well, ZootAllures is posting a new post. It’s kind of like we fell of the edge of the sea.Final_Frontier_VoyagerAnd it actually felt that way. Nothing tragic happened. It’s just that same old thing. Ol’ Zoot was once again nothing but a swimming platform! I’ll get back to this…

The last week of July I did go on a little cruise and it was fun with good company but naturally the winds were not cooperative. The wind, if any, was from the south. Rather rare for that time of year in the Aegean and all the good anchorages are protected from the northerns. So there was a lot of rockin’ and rollin’ and a few restless nights. A nice app called Sky Map (which I recommend) made up for that! I’ve got a load of pictures from that time but there not mine, so maybe I’ll post them at a later date.

Back to the swimming platform. My transmission (which was rebuilt 2 years ago) was leaking oil from the seam.  I was keeping an eye on it and a diaper kept it at bay. But during that last little cruise it got totally out of control and I was lucky to get us back (without panicking the crew!) And that’s pretty much when Zoot Allures died within my soul.

Every f#@$ing year, for one reason or another, I have a crippling engine problem. It’s a dream killer and this time it really got to me and it’s not viable anymore. I tried using ColdWeld over 10 times but it would always fail. So Ol’ Zoot didn’t let go of the mooring until haul-out late October. So…..what to do? Sell or re-power.

Re-powering will either be a BetaMarine or a Thoosa9000. Both options will go for over 10k which will bankrupt me. If so, I’ll probably go with the Thoosa. I’ve been dreaming of going electric for a while now ignoring all the nay-sayers. A new diesel would be nice but I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t maintain one upside-down anymore. Plus…they smell bad!  For now I’ve decided to to give it one last chance and pulled the tranny last weekend. Zoot Allures is once again gutted and dead. Oooohhhmmmmmmm!

But …there’s a cherry on top! Remember my nice multicolour Cosa inflatable dinghy which I had made a nice uv cover for etc etc etc?….. POOF…. gone…..stolen.

Hence the long delay on posting anything on this blog. I haven’t given up….yet. The Dream has been hanging on a thin line. I’ve moved my bed to my living room, the bedroom is turning into a workshop and soon I’ll start building my new dinghy!

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… don’t cry for me Argentina….. lala lala la la

pss…bytheway….it’s pretty impressive  that when your dreams are on the edge of perish, alot of human relations tend to follow. Go figure.


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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10 Responses to Well well well….

  1. arcady001 says:

    Hi Pete – how’s the thumb?

    Sorry you are so disheartened with ‘Zoot. It’s a lot of work to keep pulling that Perkins. FWIW I saw this the other day http://www.marineenterprisesltd.co.uk navigate to Engines > Inboard > Sole Mini 44 41hp Marine Diesel Engine Package and you’ll see a tidy looking Sole 42 hp diesel for reasonable money. It’s the same base engine (Mitsubishi) as the Vetus I fitted last year. I know it’s in the UK, but shipping might not be too bad.

    If you can stretch to replacing the Perkins with something newer it would give you some happy times to come – which would be good considering all the effort you’ve put in to Zoot over the years.

    Best wishes – Happy Christmas (put in on the list for Santa Claus!)



    • Hey Keith!
      That Sole looks sweet… and the price is right, thanks for the info. Lots of people are saying “why don’t you get a used engine?”. My answer is “I’ve got a used engine!”.My Perkins runs great! It’s just that everything around it is falling apart!
      The thumb is fine, thanks. The nail coming out has a bump in it… odd for so many months!
      Best wishes to you too.
      We live in Greece… Santa is dead!

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      • arcady001 says:

        “My Perkins runs great! It’s just that everything around it is falling apart”…

        … I know that dilemma. The Perkins on SOHVI was a factory reconditioned unit installed in 2011 with only 250 hours on it when I bought the boat – indeed, it was one of the reasons I bought the boat! I had no need to replace that engine: it ran beautifully. The problem was the TMP gearbox. A new one (they are still available) was approximately £2,200. Given that I was able to buy the new Vetus engine and gearbox for a little over twice that amount (the exchange rate was helpful at the time) it seemed sensible to put some newer machinery in the boat. I was also able to sell the old Perkins for a useful amount to a local fisherman too.

        I did consider fitting a different type of gearbox to the Perkins: for example a PRM manual box was about one third of the cost of the TMP replacement. However, by the time I factored in a different bell housing, drive plate, plus the hassle of physically re-installing the Perkins in a slightly different position to accommodate the different footprint, it ended up looking no cheaper than the replacement TMP box

        That Solé diesel has a better hydraulic gearbox than the Vetus mechanical one – although I don’t know the reduction ratio. As a package, it’s only 6 years old which must (one hopes) means that it should be good for another decade or so. However – if you’re considering re-engining, then you may also need to consider changing stern tube and prop shaft. It all mounts up!

        Whichever way you look at it, it’s all cost + hassle. Why do we go boating at all???

        Best of luck 🙂


      • I did consider and researched replacing the tranny but as you say, the modification would be ridiculous… hence the rebuild. Cheers and thanks once again!


  2. Lewis Cast says:

    Hello Captain Pete and welcome back,
    Sailing Uma, on youtube have fitted their sailboat with an electric motor of a forklift for about $500.00 US. maybe something to consider. Best wishes from Toronto.


  3. Captain Pete, welcome back. Looks like you’re weathering a gale with that Perkins. And the stolen dinghy, man that hurts. I hate thieves!
    Tough choice:
    – Keep fixing, swearing and sweating;
    – Re-engine;
    – Sell and buy a more petite mistress;
    – Sell and walk away; (terrible idea, in my mind, as Kerouac wrote, “You boys just going, or you actually going somewhere?”;
    – Or something more ingenious.
    Good luck. One thing is for sure…we’ll all be waiting for the next chapter in your boat saga.


    • Dude! Howayadoin’??
      I’m going with choice 1…swearing and sweating for the last time. Otherwise it’s electric….I physically can’t work on it anymore. A petite mistress sounds appealing after this fat whore (…another fat bitch just put my spine out of place…Bowie). Did you know I lived in Lowell? At this point I’ll end up with Kerouac… not sure where it’s at yet. Ingenious…..nah, that ain’t gonna happen… the saga continues.


  4. I was really excited to see a new post from you, but I’m so sorry to read about the engine problem and having to repower. 😦


    • Hey Ellen!
      Sorry to disappoint you! Yeah, my engine has become somewhat of a deal breaker. It’s only accessible from the top… easy for adding oil…but that’s about it! I envy others who have it right in front of them.!!!


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