Errr… Still Wet!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, we are still wet… in more ways than one!

The weekend after I launched, it rained.

The weekend after that, it rained again. Are you getting the jest of the “wet” thing yet? But one Saturday it was nice so ol’ Zoot and I stretched our legs and sailed to the nearby Perati Island. Mom had given me a tupperware  of Tourlou veggies which I spilled…twice! I was back in the evening when it started to rain… for about 24 hours! I occupied myself with cooking, minor boat stuff (keyword being “minor”) and cleaned up my chart table. When was the last time you did yours? The sun did come out.. half an hour before sun set which was sweet!

But the weekend after that was wonderful. I grabbed Alexandra and we left to Petalious Islands Friday night. It was a blast And Alex was ecstatic! The first morning the sea was like a swimming pool and the sunsets amazing. We also met up with Carla and Ulber with s/v Pyrrha. Two drawbacks…. motoring/no sailing and the beach got cluttered by approx. 25 speed boats which was a bit of a fuss when they fly by you.

This past weekend… we had a heat wave! 43 plus deg C and no wind. Brutal! Carla and Ulber had also sailed back and were anchored next to my mooring. During Carla’s first swim the swans came by with there new member. Talking of ugly ducklings! So yeah… heat waves suck!! We were constantly wet! Wet wet wet! Either sweating or swimming or playing with a spray bottle. I got Carla wet so many times Ulber was taken aback and was giving me that look, like he was going to do something to me! So I got him wet too and everyone was happy… not to mention the amount of beers we drank to wet our innards!

So it’s summer time= vacation time! Math time…. 25 work days plus Aug. 15th is a holiday=26. 7 days saved from working Saturdays=33. Plus 2 leave of absence=35= 7 weeks! Zoot Allures Sails Again!! Time to lock and stock (which I did, but the stocks are hurting a bit… whoops!)

Now it has cooled off… and is blowing a freakin’ force 7! How typical! If it doesn’t stop by next week, I’ll be wet from crying!

Spoiler alert… I’m planning on sailing to Ikaria again via the Ikarian Sea. Some Twilight Zone music would be appropriate here.

Stay tuned and bring a towel.

Capt Pete.

ps… Here’s a shot of some wood damage from the launch. I just can’t let this get me upset anymore.



pss…. Speaking of getting upset…. I don’t like getting woken up. When I awake,  I like a nice quiet cup of coffee. Keyword being “quiet”! The launch weekend I took a nap and was rudely awaken by Kostas and Alex demanding I make them coffee. Ok. One of these past days I was awoken by a noisy jet ski which eventually bumped in to ol’ Zoots’ old hull. It was Kostas and he demanded coffee. Ok. Last Saturday he said he was going to come by again and I told him if he woke me up I’d throw and anchor at him! Ok. Have I mentioned I’m real tired from work and conferences getting up at 5:30 am?. So this last Sunday I planned to sleep…alot. At 8:30 I hear a voice around Zoot Allures… Peeeeeter, Peeeeeter… you have a cooooonference… we’re opening the dooooooors…. I jump out of the v-berth to find a colleague of mine swimming with a friend of hers. So they climbed aboard and I made them coffee. AND THEN I THREW THEM OVERBOARD !!



About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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12 Responses to Errr… Still Wet!

  1. Good to see you enjoying your sailboat “on the water”, and the water looks amazingly blue and clear. Are those naked women on board?


  2. aza says:

    hey,,,that’s my women over there you have on board!!!


  3. Matt says:

    My chart table is always an ungodly mess, even tidying it only leaves it clean for half a day.

    Also – 7 weeks!!! JEALOUS!


  4. arcady001 says:

    Ahh – beautiful anchorage, lovely pictures. That, my friend, is what all the effort is for! Enjoy 🙂


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