Oh! Calcutta!

Remember that movie???

Lots of other titles came to mind, like “No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn!” but I’ll stick to this one which may become apparent.

Thanks Gregor!

So yeah, over 2 months since my last post. Easter came and went, the weather is remarkably better and I’ve been living through a cluster f#$@k. Work had me getting up at 5:30 for 2 weeks, quite a few Saturdays, plus I’ve been having visitors in town which I hadn’t seen in years. One was 46 years from Bethesda MD, the other was 30 years, a roommate from the Boston dayz, and the third dude was 28 years  from my Lowell jammin’ dayz. Yes, my mind has been spinning! What a trip!

And speaking of spinning, I’ve been crankin’ on Zoot Allures in frenzy mode.

Heat exchanger and oil cooler are all rapped up and reinstalled. The raw water pump was leaking again and got rebuilt again (ho hum). But it never stops to amazing how the Perkins just fires right up after 5 months!

The engine anti-siphon  had its breather plumbed into the cockpit drain hose which always seemed like a horrible idea. So I got some hose to change both of the cockpit drains. After meticulously measuring the length necessary, I cut it and it ended up being too short… typical. The the next cut was good, but not enough hose to change both. TYPICAL!! But since I was in and out of being under the cockpit (like 20 times) I changed part of the exhaust hose.




An other big gig was installing the shaft brake and also  tapping a hole in the shaft coupling to screw a screw to act as a pin for the brake to claw onto. (If you don’t understand what I’m talking about… don’t worry!) Naturally this a a job for the Main Man Kosta (who also reinstalled the coolers). And I almost lost him on a few occasions!

lock off

lock on






The control cable for the lock will be installed at a later date. For now I’ll just lower and raise it with a piece of rope.

So now it’s rock and roll time. I’m planning on launching in a week. I’ve got the Perkins all serviced and it’s time to rap this baby up. Many many things are going to wait for next winter. Like shelves in the hanging lockers…. I’ve been wanting to do so for 5 years now but it keeps on getting put off. All that “must” be done is antifoul paint after I plug up a couple of holes I drilled into the bottom of the windvane rudder to drain some water it accumulated…… and tidy up the boat which is in shambles!!

Stay tuned and strong…. I’m trying!

Capt Pete

ps… and to understand how I went with the current title…. here’s what I posted on my f-book page 2 weeks ago……

“Suddenly. …. I’m not half the man I used to be,
Probably has to with a colonoscopy,
Oh, but it was better
Than Yes-turd-day!
La lala la la…..!”


pss…. I’m cranking hard put so many things are getting into the way. I had a bad cold last week which was followed with a small lumbago. Lots of socializing with foreigners from out of town, unexpected work jumping up and tomorrow’s gonna pour all day… just to mention a few. But ol Zoot shall prevail! I’m not too sure about me!?!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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6 Responses to Oh! Calcutta!

  1. Great post. Man, you need a propeller shaft brake? Can’t you let it spin when sailing or lock it in reverse? As usual, I’ll be waiting for a tiny wake ripple here in Peniche, then I’ll know you splashed her. And where’s the beer bottle? Kostas must have been looking for one in the engine room!!


    • Yeah, I sent him down for one but he came out empty handed!
      I can’t lock the shaft in reverse cause the tranny is hydraulic. Spinning is ok per se the manual. I actually trim the sails by ear, listening to the spin sound change… an audio guy, always. But after half an hour you want to shoot yourself. Way too loud. Kinda ruins the quiet sailing high!
      You’ll either get a ripple… or hear a thud… that’ll be me!


  2. arcady001 says:

    Wey-hey: it’s good to see that old shaft brake being used again! I’m hugely impressed you drilled and tapped that coupling in situ – that must have been hard on the arms as it’s quite a stretch down. I have June 7th as the date to launch SOHVI, but like you I have put the shelves in the hanging locker on the list for another time. (Yes I came to the same conclusion: the shelves are needed). There are too many other things to do before we splash. Sounds like you are going to narrowly beat me to the water 🙂


    • I’m pushing frantically, like every year. I don’t know where the winter went!? As they say…. the boat will never be ready.
      That was Kostas down there. I can’t do jobs like that with my head down…my eyes will pop out!. Hopefully the brake will work with gravity (I brought the cable back home with me today). The alignment isn’t perfect…. I might have to pop an eye eventually!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Matt says:

    Woa, I thought my engine access was tight!


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