Heat Exchangers and Oil Coolers

Yes folks, it’s time to run away, flee, my little landlumbering snowflakes. Not much to get out of this post. Unless you like a Perkin’s heat exchanger and oil cooler…. or… you want to follow in on the investigations of the ties between Trump and Russia on the the Rachel Maddows Show…. something I’ve been totally hooked on.

Other news… we had 10 days of really sweet weather! And… guess what….. it’s shitty again. But last weekend was Zoot Allures weekend. I got my alternator back from the shop and re-installed it.. 4 times… ’cause I’m a dummie.

Back to the title. So… Zoot Allures has a classic diesel freakin’ Perkins 4.108. That in turn has two coolers. One for the engine coolant (like a car has a radiator and fan), and one for the oil. The heat is taken away by passing cool seawater though the coolers, aka heat exchangers. Since these coolers consist of dissimilar metals, a pencil zinc (a sacrificial anode) is inserted into them which needs to be checked and replace on occasion. When I got ol’ Zoot, the Perkins wasn’t very well maintained and the zincs were gone. I pulled the coolant heatexchanger and had it repaired… it was on its last leg. That was 5 years ago so I pulled it again. It’s lookin’ good apart from some debris. The zinc is on the coolant side, not the seawater side, which is odd, but all is looking good.

The oil cooler on the other hand….. the zinc was gone. Here’s a comparative zinc look.

If the oil cooler fails, seawater will enter the engine oil. In other words…. bye bye Perkins. So, with the help of Kostas the Man, we pulled the cooler. (Er…. it’s an OIL cooler…. er…. what an oily mess… again! I’m sooo ready for an electric motor!!!)

Conclusion….. it’s actually fine BUT…. the bracket that holds it on the mighty vibrating Perkins almost ate right through it!!!! WTF!! In the picks you can see the perpendicular gauge on the cylinder.

Ain’t that pretty? Just a hair away from being holed!

It wouldn’t of made it through the summer. So hopefully it will be repairable. So the Perkins is officially dead… again. Man, I’m so tired of this. When will the luxury days of varnishing the interior and other cosmetics come. Did I buy a truck or a sailboat?!?!

And yes, five (5) years ago, March 13th, I bought/saved Zoot Allures. Love at first sight. But like all relation”ships”, it’s not perfect. Ol’ Zoot’s got a dead relative hidden under the doghouse floor boards. Ain’t that a bitch!

Stay tuned and well maintained, bitch!

Capt Pete

ps… maybe this summer I’ll cruise through the Korinth Canal to the Ionian sea and harpoon Ol’ Zoot into the ex Onasis owned island, now owned now by a laundering Russian who’s placed a 2 nautical mile sailing prohibition, Scorpios. What an appropriate name!

pss… I gotta stop watching the news and start watch boat porn again!! ๐Ÿ™‚


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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10 Responses to Heat Exchangers and Oil Coolers

  1. Joao Bento says:

    ๐Ÿ™‚ don t give up ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. sryoder says:

    “Did I buy a truck or a boat?” you ask. Let me assure you, you bought a boat. Trucks are much less trouble.


  3. Don’t pay attention to Trump, his hair is gonna catch fire soon. I like your approach to fixing things, half the photographs show a “FIX Hellas” beer can beside whatever needs to be fixed and, presto, it’s fixed, fellas! I gotta get some of that beer. Good luck boat slave.


  4. Forgot to mention that it makes no sense whatsoever having an anode on the fresh water side (as in the water that circulates in the engine). Those anodes crumble and so little pieces of zinc are swashing around your engine….just can’t be. Confusing!!!


  5. arcady001 says:

    I think you secretly like taking that engine to pieces. It’s almost an annual event ๐Ÿ˜‰


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