…I dunno.

It’s 2017. What do ya think about that? Personally… not much. I’m not impressed.


“It’s the weather dummie”. Don’t get me wrong. I like “weather”, but I find it “not being nice” to be boring after a while. The past month has been in the single Celsius digits, rainy, windy, sucky… it even snowed the other day. All this is fine if you have a warm home to go to…. which most people don’t around this part of the woods. Brrrr! For example…. I put on socks when I get out of bed to make my morning coffee! Brrr!!!

dsc01695dsc01701But the thing that gets me really cranky is the lack of Zoot Allures time. The weekend before Xmas I worked on Saturday. Sunday I passed by and dumped the old “deflatable” on Zoot’s deck (at last, it’s out of my living room) and spent the day at G.S.’s for a cousin bash. Good times! Xmas weekend I went down to the Nafplio farm with Mom and Sis (which is a story of its own… Sis with a fever, power outage Xmas Eve etc…. at least we’ve got a fireplace).

dsc01719Some time before New Years I got down to ol’ Zoot for a quick check. There was some traces of snow on deck and a few lines fastening my cockpit cover had failed after a storm went by with force 10 gusts. Plus it was too cooooold to stay long. New Years was freezing and I stayed home nursing a cold. The weekend after… my car battery died (after 2.5 years, damit!) and heading out the 50 clicks on a motorcycle was out of the question. Long story short (oopps… a bit long), I’m having Zoot Allures withdrawal symptoms!

But…. Santa was good to me.

601953_499042566820851_400771475_nI got a new book By Eugene de Zila called “To Live on a Boat”. Apparently it was first written in the “Esperanto” language, mine’s translated into Greek. He’s a French philosopher who got fed up not being able to teach in his own way, flipped a bird to the system, sold everything and moved onto a boat. I haven’t read a book in Greek for a long time so it’s going slow.

dsc01721Another holiday surprise was from an other Fjord MS33 owner, Keith from Guernsey, who is doing an outstanding restoration job on his boat. He was too kind and sent me his old shaft lock which keeps the prop from spinning whilst sailing. Stay tuned for that.

Duuuh, what else.

Sis went to Austria for New Years and brought me back this “fish?”

dsc01723Theoretically it’s edible, but I ain’t eating it!

So Happy 2017 to y’all.

Stay Tuned and beware of the green fish!

Capt Pete

ps…. 2017 will bring us Trump as the president of the U.S. When the U.S. sneezes, the rest of the world catches cold. I’m quite concerned. Is there really a liberal revolution boiling in the backround? We’ll see.

pss…. In 2012 I bought Zoot Allures. The plan was to move aboard in 5 years and cut the lines in 10. In March it will be…. gulp…. 5 years! The way this winter is going, the moving aboard plan is gonna need a lot of “tweaking”!!



About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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15 Responses to Well……?

  1. Happy 2017 to you too. I didn’t realize it got so cold in Athens. At least the winter in short. Around this part of the Europe if there is frost in the morning everybody is in the café howling and snorting about the unbelievably cold night. But winter tends to last longer. I believe somebody called it “Temperate Climate”!! Keeps your socks on…I think Dr. Hook sang that.


  2. Cheech says:

    Dude. Happy New Year. As 2016 was a crap year on many levels, here’s hoping 2017 is better. Trump appears to be a Russian agent so let’s hope he gets impeached before the 4 years is up. Quit complaining about the cold. It was minus 22 here the last couple of days, although it’s now 4 degrees and everybody is happy because that’s considered warm here. Take care. Go to Brettos and have a raki for us will ya? Ciao

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cheech!
      Vrettos… only with you, baby!
      I still tell people how you had 2 sets of car keys. We made coffee, went out, started the car, the seats were hard as a rock, locked the car running, went back and had coffee and a couple of smokes, went back to the car, unlocked it and… Bob was our Uncle!
      So, what’s the temp in your house?


  3. Zarinda says:

    A little bit of snow and you are complaining. The first snow is arriving in Ireland tonight and we are looking forward to it as it will be a change from the rain. The Trump thing does not bother us too much but the Brexit thing does. The Northern Ireland assembly has just collapsed. Scotland will have a referendum to exit the United Kingdom. Interesting times for 2017.
    Ah I will just get in the camper and head off from Rosslare to Cherbourg and avoid the UK. If I still had the boat I would have to stop somewhere in the UK and then probably have to pay tariffs import duty etc. How Times Change


  4. Marc says:

    Marzipan green fish?


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