Sheeps and Snakes!

…and lions and tigers and bears….oh, m….. oh, what a pain in the butt!

And elaborate (whine) I shall. You’ve all heard me complain about the dreaded Meltemi. meltemi3Well this summer has be a cluster f%$# Meltemi summer. It’s like I can count the “nice” boating days in one hand (and a couple of more fingers). It’s either gale force winds… or no winds…jeeeez! Back to the title….. when the sea is full of white caps, we call them sheep. And when they’re real big and long….. snakes…. ye gad!

So couple of weeks ago I was aiming on a 2 day weather window to cross the Ikarian Sea were the Meltemi funnels down between Greece and Turkey. It’s a 120 mile trip and I was going to take a break in between. The window closed down to a 1 1/2 days which would have put me in the worst area to be…. as in dangerous. Screenshot_2016-08-03-22-18-45So I fagged out and headed south where the effects aren’t so extreme with a sweet crew member (wink wink nudge nudge). It was a downwind sail for the most part, ol’ Zoot hates “downwind-ing”, and we had fun jibing down the straight between anchored freight ships. And after 4 short hours the Temple of Poseidon appeared (where king Aegean jumped off cause he thought the Minotaur ate his son Theseus who was too busy partying and forgot to change the sails from black to white blah blah blah).


I’m not a very religious person. Having said that…. Poseidon can got f@#k himself!!! We spent the night anchored in 25knots with gusts over 30. My Rocna 20 anchor is my new god!

The next morning we head out again. This is the day I was going to be crossing the Ikarian. Well, the Saronic Gulf is the sea south of Athens and is probably the busiest stretch of water in Greece. Not that day! The only boat out there was Zoot Allures and some other tanker waaaay far away.  The beginning was a bit hairy but after we got further from land the gusts subsided and the breeze was steady over 20knots. Screenshot_2016-08-04-18-37-33DSC_0028aSails reefed and the windvane working perfectly, we were on a broad reach with an ambiguous destination. Who am I to pick a fight with a stampeding herd of sheep and nest of serpents! It was either Ydra, Poros, Methana  or Aegina. After a few tweaks it came to my preferred Aegina.


5.4 sog in 19.9 knots…. now that what I call reefed!






windvanes are the business… hands free cruisin’!


Then something weird happened. 4 hours in, after passing the shipping lane (of zero ships), I set up a small tarp to get a rest out of the sun. The moment I laid my head… the wind…. stopped! leaving us in a slop of sheep shit whereas the snakes retreated! W.T.F!! We were so out of control I had to furl the sails Screenshot_2016-08-04-18-37-12and start the ol’ Perkins (which has been behaving perfectly… a new and strange concept) and hauled ass to Aegina right when hypothermia was kicking in.

With the recommendations of my Water Pilot and Navionics app, I aimed for the most southern little inlet. As it came into sight, I saw a huge yacht anchored and about 10 masts sticking out over the hill. I hit the hand break, banged a right and found………


….. a small paradise!

Stay tuned

Capt. Pete

ps…. if you get crew, make sure they’ve got a camera! Praise the crew!

pss…. I’m at the farm, so part 2 will be up soon.

psss… and don’t forget the razors… too late now




About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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8 Responses to Sheeps and Snakes!

  1. You managed to outwit the Meltemi, had a fine sail, and reached a small paradise dressed like a sailor from the days when sailboats were called yachts. And, yes, Rocna is God, wish I hadn’t lost mine. But I’m anchored in Culatra, it’s a bit windy and the Kobra is doing its job. Good luck with the weather windows, if not use the door!


    • I really don’t like using sun screen so white garb is the way to go…. but man, does it ever get dirty, too dirty to wear in public. But looks yachty from afar.
      I still can’t figure how you sleep anchored so far away without a mooring!
      Next week I’ll be back on the boat knocking down all doors, ala Obelix!


      • You read my mind…I was thinking, “man, he must keep his boat super clean to be wearing such impeccably white clothing”…
        Anyway, I AM ON THE BOAT!! Unfortunately, I gotta leave tomorrow because of an unforeseen complication not directly related to me, just when I was having so much fun, particularly a kayak adventure this morning that turned into a hilarious misadventure.
        Obelix? Was he a sailor too?


  2. arcady001 says:

    Nice pics! I love how much space you have in the cockpit without the wheel pedestal.



    • Installing the tiller must be the best upgrade. Room galore after I clip the main sheet out of the way. Now I have to figure what to do with the 1mm traveler which is a real toe breaker!
      I you want nice pics… bring a photographer with you!


  3. Stephen Bird says:

    Capt. Pete: This is one crazy adventure… I like.
    As for razors, you actually look very chic NY City right now … beards have become all the rage…


    • The Bird has spoken!
      How the hell are you man?!?! When are you gonna visit again?? Just not on May 1st (wink wink). Maydays and boats don’t go well together!
      As for the beard… I’ve been hosting it over 15 years…. so I ain’t no “hipster”… just a hip kinda guy!
      Miss you!


      • Stephen Bird says:

        Love it Pete. As for the next Greek visit – soonish?? I wish? will let you know if I hop the Atlantic… love to you from me and Mary too!!

        Liked by 1 person

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