Back home…Temporarily…!

…..but why???

Well, it’s blowing a good force 7 and Zoot Allures is happily rocking and rolling on her mooring ball…. so I jumped ship! and am back home to check up on Mom and Sis and a few things. But this past week was…. perfect!! Howz that for a first on any sailing blog post where things never work out as planed. Even the old Perkins worked flawlessly and my bilge is dry and dusty…WTF??

So G.S. and Vicky showed up on Wednesday and we took off to Evia  to meet up with cuz John and Co. The sea was confused and choppy at first but then settled down, wind on the nose so we motored all the way and landed in 3 short hours.

For the next 3 days every thing was cool and relaxing.

DSC_0344I took them all for a couple of short cruises. One around the Small Petalious Island where we naturally swam in some amazing waters, almost got grounded(!), met up with Ulber and Carla on their way back from Almiropotamo, and probably saw a sword fish fin. The second was across Marmari Bay pulling a lure. No swordfish, just a small nylon bag was caught but we did see a couple of dolphins and everyone was thrilled! The girls had a gopro cam with lots of footage but I never got around to steal  a few frames. I was having too much of a swell time eating and drinking up at Johns house. I even slept there (shame on me)!!

DSC_0347DSC_0346DSC_0345Pretty much we would have a salad lunch on the boat, then head back up in the afternoon, shower, nap, then hang, cook/bbq/eat/drink and sleep. John gave me a closeup demonstration how to fillet fish. Looks pretty easy to me, not that I tried it. Actually I didn’t do anything! I just indulged! I was so well taken care of… it was embarrassing!

We stayed and extra day for the “Lady” of the house to show up on her first, well deserved,  vacation day.

DSC_0348A fine time overall!

DSC_0350Sunday we head back. A light wind from the south blew around 10 knts, the course was about 244deg and the timing was great for the shade of the sails to cover the entire cockpit. Sweet! And the first time windvane trial was… perfect. What a great invention… I’m totally hooked! Hurrah for self steering!

Naturally I didn’t take many pics, maybe some will come in the near future but you can get a jist of the surroundings from last years visit.

Part One of the summer cruise done…. check.


Stay Tuned and keep the nylon out of the sea…. please!

Capt Pete

ps….. so yeah, it’s blowing stink. Waiting for a good weather window to maybe head out east to Ikaria, or south to Nafplio. No pressure. This weekend is looking good, I just might take a ton a pics and post something.

pss… I said “might”. Since I’m a vacationing “boat bum”, I’m not expecting any phone calls … but I need the phone camera since I’m on the go. Hmmm….


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Back home…Temporarily…!

  1. arcady001 says:

    Sounds perfect! That’s what a vacation with no pressing deadline is all about 🙂

    It’s been 10 years or more since I was sailing in Greek waters – I want to come back and enjoy the sunshine and predictable winds! Maybe when SOHVI is finally ready again….



  2. horaciomateus says:

    The title for this post could be the title for my next post. Boat is anchored in Culatra and I’m back home…but I’m working!!!
    You had a successful and fun first trip of the season and that’s what matters. It’s a long summer.


    • Working??? Thats a drag. So am l… at the farm house in Nafplio servicing the irrigation systems (someone’s gotta do it). Boat’s on the mooring, too windy these past 2 weeks. Aiming for a window Tuesday for 100 miles to Ikaria….hmmm.
      Looking forward to read about your trip!


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