I’ll repeat that some more…. oy oy oy!

Man, I launched Zoot Allures 3 weeks ago and… well, what can I say.

Not much.

First glitch is that I’ve been so busy at work that I get home and zombie out. or I’m running around on a gig,,, eg proofing the audio for a short film or reciting Kafka at the ethnic theatre for some kind of Austrian art thang (don’t ask what that was… it paid for the launch so, yeah, I’m a bitch). I did manage a few boat afternoons though. The weekends were just zoning out. This past weekend was entertaining Alexandra and a new visitor Maria(?!) and mostly sleeping. As of Friday I’m on a 7 week vacation (shutup!… I worked alot of weekends during the winter and saved my days off for now!) and now I can barely stay awake.

DSC01595DSC01597But Zoot Allures is ready for a cruise. Locked and stocked. I tried out the wind vane on the mooring and everything seems functional. My sinking deflatable for local use was real sad and needed inflating twice a day! Found the leak and fixed it. Plus I added another 3cm of Dow insulation to the roof of the fridge. Plus a whole lot of other stuff I can’t remember cause pulling out a camera slips my mind.

IMG-20160627-WA0001IMG-20160627-WA0000But one fun afternoon was Carla and Ulber’s last night before they sailed off for their summer cruise. (and the next pictures are to Carlas’ credit). We rowed out (cause their dumbass motor wouldn’t start, old gas)  to their fine ship Pyrrha and  got the sails on and generally had a fine time. Another couple of pics… probably from the squall that hit the area. I wasn’t there but It was scary in the city! plus there was a lot of damage in the port.


IMG-20160702-WA0004Nuf said about nothing. Wednesday I’m heading out for a 3 day shakedown with cuz G.S. and Vicky to go visit cuz John 15miles across the south Evian sea. If I don’t post something about it, feel free to unsubscibe! And then (if all goes well and weather permitting), I’m OFF! Where to… who knows… where ever the wind blows. I’ll be aiming for Ikaria…. but that will be another story.

So stay tuned….. and be quiet! I’m still napping like it’s going out of style!

Capt Pete

ps….. zzzzzz, snore, zzzzzzzz


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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8 Responses to Oy….!

  1. arcady001 says:

    Seven weeks – nice! I have never managed more than three weeks at a time
    before. You will be seriously chilled (I hope) well before the end of your cruise. Enjoy!

    P.S. Kafka’s cool – no need to be embarrassed 😉


  2. horaciomateus says:

    Enjoy the 3-day shakedown cruise. A good appetizer for your 7 weeks of living it up. Those are awesome photographs at the bottom, looks like a bay on Jupiter.


  3. Matt says:

    SEVEN WEEKS! Super jealous!


  4. Seven weeks – that’s awesome! Have a fantastic time!


    • Thank Ellen and a fantastic time I shall have!
      That “7′ hase raised alot of eyebrows. Well I get dayz off for working Saturdays. So after the cluster#$@& this past winter, I accumulated 15 dayz, plus my mormal vacation. .. Bada boom! Mega work detox time!


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