Badda Bing, Badda ….. Bungs?

Nope, no “boom”.


Oh, those silly little bungs. Bungs are little wooden plugs the cover up screws countersunk in wood. You can buy then ready made but I’ve gone with a more romantic (cheaper)  path of making them myself with a bung bit. As shown above, you just drill into a scrap piece of the same type of wood you’re using and with a little screw driver, just pop ’em out.

DSC01574DSC01577So, my wood arrived. The first part of the gig was to trace them out, cut roughly to size and then install them with sealant and screw them down (without counter sinking).  Second part was to un-screw the screws, counter sink (make the entering hole bigger to bury the head) and then… “bung” ’em up with the help of some wood clue.

DSC01579Third gig…. saw off the bung heads and sand….. a lot. And then some wood oil.

Forth gig….  via a router and a new 20euro bit (ouch!), trim the wood to match the proper over hang. Sounds easy, eh. Not! It involves clamps, fencing, yada yada yada…. it would have taken me 15minutes if I had help. I didn’t…. so……..!

DSC01582And the last gig of this “pita” project was to re-install the 4 stanchions (columns). A bit tricky. Their 3 screws go threw the new planks and the supporting narrow wood beam on the sides underneath  (and I don’t have a pic for you to make any sense out of this nonsense!).  Well, the first one, which had me real nervous, went great! So did the second. The third ran into one of the support beams screws, so it was moved a centimeter  over, and the last one was a complete disaster! That’s when I was almost carried away suffering from sun-stroke! The support beam got all messed up and it is supposingly curing with an epoxy and wood powder paste.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was this stuff. I’ve been working 6 day weeks,   getting up at 5am for some of them, socializing, and the weather…. it either rains on my only day off, or the sun is absolutely brutal between noon and 6pm….. yes, I’m a pussy!

My bung-hole is killing me!

Stay tuned… or bung off!

Capt Pete

ps…. “Why is Zoot Allures not in the water yet????”

pss… Why is everyone asking me that same question…. over and over again?




About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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6 Responses to Badda Bing, Badda ….. Bungs?

  1. horaciomateus says:

    You’re turning into a jack of all trades…which is what happens when you buy a classic sailboat. That’s the miracle of buying a sailboat: one day you’re sitting at the café reading some rag and wondering why life is such a routine, and then, all of a sudden, you’re bunging up holes and doing all sorts of eclectic stuff.
    By the way, why is your boat still on land :)?


    • The answer to your question is the same to why women are “moody” on particular days of the month….”Just Because!!!”
      But you’re absolutely correct on the other stuff. I literally didn’t know what to do with my self pre-boat. We must be the luckiest people in the world! Hurrah to slavery!


  2. Keith Laker says:

    Hey Pete – I just saw this after posting my update on Tom’s site. Nice work! I’m soooo grateful you are doing this job before me and flagging up all the difficulties 😉

    As I have all of my stanchions off at the moment, I’ve been thinking of ways to make them stronger, rather than just screwing them back into the timber. I might have to prevail upon my brother-in-law who very conveniently happens to be a stainless steel fabricator. Did you have to replace any of the longitudinal sections (the supporting beams)?

    Keep up the good work – don’t get discouraged: you will soon be afloat again!



  3. arcady001 says:

    Hi Pete – sorry if this is a duplicate comment – I screwed something up just now when I hit ‘reply’

    I was trying to say how incredibly thoughtful it is of you to do this job now – just days ahead of when I am about to do a similar task. You are finding out all the problems – and then publishing them so the rest of us can avoid them. Wonderful 😉

    Did you replace any of the longitudinal support beams? On SOHVI, these are actually in a worse condition that the flat piece on top. I’ve removed an awful lot of bungs during the last few weeks and several kg of screws!

    Keep up the good work (really – it looks very good). Don’t get discouraged – you will soon be in the water again!



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