Chaise Longue Bums

Chaise Longue….=In modern French the term chaise longue can refer to any long reclining chair such as a deckchair……. is nearly always written and pronounced as “chaise lounge”, a 19th-century folk-anagrammatic adaptation of the term.

Bum…= yours truly!

DSC01560DSC01561Some sailing blog, eh! I’ll explain shortly. I got some pics so lets do that first. Kostas boat is coming along…. slowly. But when I went down last Sunday, he handed me over the new fabricated bushings for the windvane’s  vane axle (god know if I’m describing this correctly).



DSC01558DSC01559DSC01562I thought teflon was the way to go but they made it out of some other stuff (I hate chemistry and material science).  But they fit like a glove… sweet! Just a bit too long and the top one would cover the hole where a safety screw goes. No prob. Cut the top one shorter and the end result.

DSC01563Also used a tad of sealant so they wont pop out. The safety screw…. I’ll get a bag of them due to my certaincy of them suckers falling overboard! Other none pictured gigs…. the v-berth is back together and a new wire for the nav lights is passed through the front railings so the main leak is a “rap”.

NOW…. getting back to the post title. I’m getting very little Zoot Allures time on my weekends. Usually working one of the days, so after a 6 day work week (finishing a piano album… 650 edits!), I’m pretty much spent! Plus my buddy Percules was moving so I was helping him out alot. DSC01565And THAT is where the Chaise Longues come into play. He was throwing them out so I found them a new home. In the boat yard! So you can imagine how much they’ve been utilized!!! Everyone loves them!

IMG_2132And… I got another little boxed surprise waiting for me in The Hague. Mom and Sis are going up for Easter to visit the “Nephew” and hopefully wont nag too much to bring it down.

So now you’ve got a reason to…

Stay Tuned… and sprawl out on your fav Chaise Longue!

Capt Pete

ps…. on a more serious note. I’m planning on splashing end of May/early June. It’s getting way too hot for being on the hard!




About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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2 Responses to Chaise Longue Bums

  1. Another mystery box?
    That windvane looks like serious business. I assume you could steer the boat by moving the control lever by hand, that’s…real handy!
    All you need now is a boatyard dog to complete the scenario.


    • We don’t need no dog…. cuz we’re all dogs! But we do have alotta cats!
      It’s going to be interesting steering with 2 rudders. I think it goes like this… lock the vane rudder, set sails with main rudder, balance, lock main rudder, unlock vane rudder and lock the vane into the wind. And then make course adjustments with the vane rudder…..? Eh?
      The box will be relieved approx. May 10th… but you already know what it is!


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