…. I did it again. La lala la la…


young rug


old rug


nice rug!

Rugs are nice… especially in the winter time when your tootsies are cold and you have issues with cold tootsies. And it’s April tomorrow so time to wrap ’em up. If you take care of them, they’ll last a life time. Or you can chuck ’em and buy a new one. I don’t know where my cousin John got his but it looks way better than mine! What I’m getting at is BOOM!   I bought/got the manual and full size patterns for a Chesapeake Light Craft Eastport Nesting Pram!

“Was ist das” you may ask. It’s a dinghy, dummie. But not just any dinghy. It rows great, it tows great, it sails great and doesn’t take too much space cuz it nests great! The only down side is that it seems like it’s gonna be a pain in the butt to built…. and that is where all the fun  is my friends!

So last Sunday I buzzed by the airport and picked up that mysterious box that my cuz John so lovingly hauled to Greece for me and I saved 50 bucks in shipping! It consists of a approx. 100 page manual and the patterns. I read the manual once and realized what a mess I’ve gotten myself into. The shopping list is slightly epic!

DSC01547And since the patterns are full size, they are the size of a sheet of plywood. And I have absolutely no idea where and how to tackle this gig. Obviously not in my living room.

DSC01554DSC01552DSC01550I unrolled the plans and came antiquated with the fact that 2.5 meters takes up a bit of space! So cutting up the wood at home is out of the question. Of course I have to buy the wood which is a whole different thang. Eg… regular marine okoume ply, or the good stuff which is twice the price! And there are 4 liters of epoxy which ain’t cheep, plus….. hey! It’s gonna be expensive! And here’s the kicker. It takes a week for a pro to built. So that means it’ll take me a month! So it isn’t gonna happen any time soon. I already have a job (I think… the limbo continues), and I already have a boat. Zoot Allures….remember?

DSC01556DSC01555I’m on the second read of the manual and calming down. This is a really sweet deal. I’m not going to built it for this season. ‘Not quite sure when and especially where…. but I am planning on enjoying it.  But the end result will be something like this!

Stay tuned and …….. whatever

Capt Pete

ps…. I think it’s time to really start cranking on ol’ Zoot…. don’t you?



About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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11 Responses to Whoops!

  1. Marc says:

    Cute CLCENP! AKA Zook Boot!


  2. What a great project – it will be amazing when it’s done!


  3. Matt says:

    That was my EXACT thought process when I read the plans for my windvane the first time! OH GOD


    • I KNOW! Wow…. I thought I was the only wuss! I’ve been following your process and you’re doin’ great. You’re actually fabricating parts! The dinghy on the other hand is just cutting up a bunch of wood and goop cluing it all together. It’s just a ton of wood and a ton of goop! And an acre of space!


  4. Ha! The plans even have door measurements! But don’t hold your breath on the progress. The sawing in half though shall definitely be filmed in a drunken state! !!


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