Wrecking Ball


Spring has sprung, my little snowflakes! It’s that time of the year were everything in nature seems to come alive. The stray cats are having a festival! Ever seen a closeup of budding fig tree?

DSC01529Let the festivities begin. Meaning…. start tearing the boat apart with a wrecking ball. Not literally though…. but that’s what my caprails look like.

DSC01539DSC01538Yeah, pretty nasty looking. It breaks my heart but I guess it’s time to start giving Zoot Allures’ woodwork some TLC.  The caprails got squished four years ago from the crane lifting. And there is some water finding its way in so I’m replacing a couple of meters on both sides to see how that’ll go. Iroko wood is pretty expensive and not being payed for a couple of months has got me a stingy kind of mood. Plus the freakin’ Athens Concert Hall has gone public and I don’t even know what my salary is!!!!

DSC01542So I went shopping! Got some deluxe epoxy, a meter of fiberglass, some tinted cable, a 10mm bung cutter, some waterproof wood glue, screws and a tube of Teflon which will need some machining to fit the windvanes’ vane bushings.

DSC01533DSC01536And speaking of the windvane, I sewed up the new vane cloth. I haven’t installed  the grommets yet. The dry fit went great but I’m starting to realize that the wind generator wont clear the vane when it swings around eg on a run.  Did I ever mention the vane is huge! I think I’ll leave the generator on the backburner for a while (plus it need $$ blades!)

DSC01527DSC01526DSC01525Other news… Kostas boat is coming along quite nicely!

Man, it must be great to have a back yard with your boat in it! You can get stuff done even in your pajamas!

And speaking of pajamas….. I just ran out of stuff to write! Must be something in the air.

Stay tuned… and Spring out!

Capt Pete.

ps… It’s actually getting warm enough not to wear pajamas! But I’m not taking any chances!

pss… I told you I ran out of stuff to write!





About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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8 Responses to Wrecking Ball

  1. Matt says:

    Iroko IS really expensive! I just bought some for my windvane and man, it cost more than the rest of the parts put together!


    • Thanks dude. That is a superb version of po-jama people (lousy video though). With my fav mothers…. Napoleon Murphy Brock and George Duke! The thought did cross my mind of putting up some other vid…. but I crapped out.


  2. horaciomateus says:

    Great post. Stray cats are having a ball while you’re slaving on the boat!
    From the look of Kostas wood boat, and the great work he’s done, he can probably make you caprail piece in no time.
    What? You’re a civil servant not getting paid and don’t even know how much you make. What’s this world coming to? Good luck.


    • It’s the GR world….. the GR miracle… something like a phenomena!
      The Concert Hall expanded and built an International Conference Hall with a 200mill loan guaranteed by the government. We used to get grants from the Ministry of Culture for the big shows and for the loan. The grants got cut, we can’t pay, so….. . Now we got a new Prez. and board of directors who can’t get out of their own way!
      Yeah, I’m counting on Kostas (?) for the caprail… it was his dumpass idea! It’s a “stay tune” scenario. Until then, it feels like my balls are in a vise!


  3. arcady001 says:

    Hi Pete,

    That timber work looks rather like mine – and you are right about the cost. I’m about to replace all of the toe rail timber and I started looking for quotes in teak – but nearly died of fright when I got the first one. So – it will almost certainly be Iroko again. Mine has been sanded so often that it’s reduced from the original 18mm approx thickness to less than 12mm in places. I’ll put some pictures up on Tom’s site in due course.

    Keep up the good work – are you afloat yet??



    • Nope, not afloat yet… aiming for the beginning of June.
      The only reason I’m replacing parts of my toe rail wood was because it was broken… squashed by the crane belts during my first splash 4 years ago!


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