Ingressed… Sam I am. What I’m getting at is…
 1. also in·gres·sion (ĭn-grĕsh′ən) A going in or entering.
2. Right or permission to enter.
3. A means or place of entering.
And in more ways than one! I’m not about to whine  get into the way my job has been screwing me. The conclusion is that I haven’t been able to actually read blogs, let alone write one!
DSC01515DSC01522Somehow though I have managed to get some sparse Zoot Allures time. I sanded the hull’s old antifoul. Much better now than in the blazing sun of spring. Also I took the vane and hung it on the windpilot. That thing is huge! And when I spin it around… well, I’m optimistic that it will clear the backstay. But I really doubt I’m going to manage to fit the wind generator. But I got some polyester cloth and a bag of grommets so I can start the home project of making a nice new vane cloth. The old one is looking sad and waving a 2meter vane wont go unnoticed. Gotta look smart if you know what I mean.
DSC01508DSC01518DSC01519Now the “ingressed” stuff. One day I went down and it was pouring. I always get water under the engine and I know it’s coming from the forward part of the boat. I started tracing. The pic shows the bilge and separation from the salon to the head. (the middle big hole “was” for the shower drain).  DSC01512DSC01520The little holes where wet. In the head the shelf on the starboard side was wet. Heading to the v-berth I found the shelf all wet too. I took off the panels and found the “ingress”… and I’m not too happy about it. It’s from the hull to deck joint! On an other sunny day I did some more detective work and it apparently is coming in from the wiring which comes through the bulwark… which was/is pretty messy and in despairing need of some loving care. My bulwarks are in general a mess so at least I know (I think) how water is getting in. Now, taking care of those means taking all the lifeline stanchions off…. April seems like a better time!
Now, I know you guys are thinking  “hey, this post isn’t like the other jolly posts from Zoot Allures”.
I kinda noticed that myself. ‘Been a pretty “ingressed” month of February. Thank god it’s March!
So I’ll leave you with this
12713898_536705649823658_1129368209_nLovely rug, ain’t it? Concentrate, my little snowflakes … what IS lovely is the package on it. It’s in London right now and shall be in my hands the end of March. The package dummie… not the rug!
So as always,
Stay tune and cheerful,
Capt Pete
ps…. and if you want to see someone who was on a mission, you should see Spike Lee’s documentary on Michael Jackson “From Motown to Off The Wall”. Another example of the law of attraction… something I’m sorta kinda working on. Cheers

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6 Responses to Ingressed!

  1. Nice rug for framing a mysterious package (could it contain wind generator blades?).
    So Jakatar is not the only sailboat with water ingression problems. Maybe you could buy a cheap dark plastic tarp to cover the boat in winter. I’m assuming Greece is like a desert in summer.
    Good luck.


    • Yeah, Horacio. Greece is like a desert in the summer. It might rain…. once! The weird thing is that summer is close by. It’s been in the 20’s for the past 3 weeks! I’ve given up on cheep tarps… they shed in a blow.
      Nope, no blades. I’m sorta given up on the wind generator for now. They would have been the cheep noisy ones though. The quiet ones (made in Portugal bytheway) go for over 350euros!


  2. Matt says:

    Ah, tracking down leaks. Maybe my least favourite boat job.


  3. arcady001 says:

    Pete – I am facing exactly the same problems on SOHVI. Every time it rains there is a litre or two of water in the bilge – it’s coming in through the hull/deck joint. Like you, I have wet plywood between the joint – not good. My timber on the bulwarks is badly damaged in places and I am considering taking it all off and starting again. I don’t yet know if the water gets in through the stanchion fittings and so forth on the bulwark capping, or behind the teak rubbing strip on the hull/deck join. When you caulked that on Zoot Allures, did it improve the leaks at all?

    I need some summer sun to do all the deck work!



    • I think the biggest problem was from the wiring passing though the caprail (from the v-berth) into the bow rail for the red/green light. This past weekend I filled the hole with sealant and also sealant-covered the areas were I removed the caprails (pictures in my next post). We’re getting some rain this weekend so hopefully I’ll see a difference. I don’t think the stanchions are at fault because they screw in outside the deck to hull joint. I also get water in the v-berth bilge but that’s from the chain locker.
      I would really like to remove and re-seal all the caprail wood but that is quite a project!


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