Eureka!…Robbed!… W.T.F??

Hold on my pets….

“It is only when you see a mosquito landing on your testicles that you realize that there is always a way to solve problems without violence.” ~ The Great Lao-Tzu, philosopher (604-531 BC)

Vitesse_D3D_7HG_gross_26I’ll get into the boat “eureka” stuff later, but let me share this with you. Back in 2009 my building changed the elevator cab and my old mountain bike didn’t fit any more. Since I live on the 5th floor and I’m a tad of an old fart (a slowly aging, very hip, young person), I bought a Dahon Vitesse D7HG folding bike. My yamaha TT600 has a starter problem so the past 4 months I’ve been boogieing it around town on an everyday basis.. and loving it! Well, last Friday afternoon I went for a few beers with a “friend” and when I got back to the pole it was locked on…. it was gone, vanished without a trace. 33f463e3521754c87e6d595dadd0ae4fWhoever nicked it knew what he was doing…. it had a good lock and it was on a busy street outside Alexandra’s’ shop. Kudos to the $#%… I better not find him. I’ve never been robbed before so the rage I was feeling was annoying that night. I’ve come to terms with it, everything happens for a reason and there is a lesson to be learned. I haven’t found it yet. Maybe I should got to bed with Jack Nicholson!

Zoot Allures and Dahon never met. Destiny?


DSC01495Meanwhile…. back down in Zoot Allures-ville, I had noticed that the windvanes top clamping thing was covering up a label. Curiosity kills the cat. Literally! After taking off the nuts, I went underneath to support the rudder and heard the loud thud  of the clamp hitting the ground, missing my head by an inch! (a lesson to be learned?) Anyway… mystery solved!

DSC01492DSC01493DSC01491It’s an old WindPilot by John Adam. Seems like its the old Atlantik model which is the Auxiliary rudder V-vane type. They don’t make them like this anymore. Most of them now are of the servo-pendulum type. But you can see some old (historical) videos to give you an idea

Lots of company info if anyone is interested. I’m mostly interested is that it’ll work. And I can’t see why not. It did back then and all the parts are there. It’s gonna look rather retro but, hey….. that’s what Zoot Allures is all about!

Stay tuned…. and ….ohmmmmmm…

Capt Pete

ps … looking for inspiration from Yosemite Sam saying the “Mahatma Gandhi” line helps a bit. Robbed by a skunk!



About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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8 Responses to Eureka!…Robbed!… W.T.F??

  1. sryoder says:

    Being robbed is definitely rage-inducing. We’ve been robbed twice, once in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico and once in Spokane, Washington. Neither time was what was taken worth all that much but they were worth something to me. It sucks, and not in the good way.


    • Steve! How have you been?!?!? I was a bit worried about you.
      Yeah, being robbed was an eye opener. It’s feels like my soul was rapped. But it’s only materialistic. The last thing I was robbed was a car radio in the 80’s in Boston, but that doesn’t count anymore.
      Great hearing from you!


  2. That’s a great quote. I can only hope that the idiot who stole your bike is stung repeatedly by mosquitoes and suffers greatly. Hope everything else is going well.


  3. horaciomateus says:

    I hate crooks, thieves and liars…specially if they’re politicians or greedy people. I can forgive a poor person for being a thief to stay alive….Anyway, your windvane is a gem. Never worry about loss of steering again.


    • “I hate crooks, thieves and liars…specially if they’re politicians or greedy people”. Welcome to the reality of my surroundings, Horacio. Yeeeesh!
      Ain’t she a beaut! I can’t wait to splash, kick back and sail away!


  4. Viki Moore says:

    Bad karma thoughts sending from NZ to the burglars.


    • Thanks Viki but…. noooo noooo. Bad karma thoughts only generate bad karma. We shouldn’t stoop so low. I’m looking for the “good thing” out of this. Eg… I’m walking alot, the long way though parks, and have realized that Athens has become full of green parrots! Way cool! The pigeons are furious!!

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