Holi-dayz in the Sun

Welp….yep… another year has gone by. Seems like they are flying by. Quite the contrast to sailing. And you know what they say…. if you’re in a hurry, take a plane. The contradictions are confusing me!

So the holidays where holidays. You know… family, food and love. Mom, Sis, her kid the Nef (visiting from the Hague), dumb dog Panos and I went down to the farm in Nafplio to spend a quiet Xmas. The weather was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! It was so amazing that we went to the beach before our Xmas lunch!

IMG-20151227-WA0003IMG-20151227-WA0004IMG-20151227-WA0002DSC_0324Sis and the Nef went swimming which has become a ritual. I just got my feet wet and had a couple of ouzos with Mom… yet another ritual! IMG-20151227-WA0001DSC_0340IMG-20151227-WA0000All in all it was a fine 4day weekend. Lots of pondering around the farm, the oranges and tangerines are in full bloom, the Nef did his Marathon training, and naturally the xmas chicken was superb. Of course there were a few mishaps. The car’s clutch was slipping which minimized its use (which was nice, and a miracle we ever got back home) and we watched way too many episodes of Selfridges! But playing with the fireplace set the tone.

After that weekend, back in the city (I had to work), the weather began to deteriorate and by New Years it was snowing! But that cleared up pretty quick and it’s been balmy ever since. But then again… it’s gonna snow next week! These 20degC swings are bizarre!

And what about Zoot Allures? Well having a nephew studying fine arts has its perks.

DSC01485DSC01488DSC01490DSC01489I think that I’ll be enjoying nice quiet anchorages this summer toting this bad boy. Hopefully King Poseidon has a sense of humor! Of course I have been doing some pottering about but not much. I polished the prop and hung the windvane up (the vane is in my living room!) I’ll wait for the spring to do some fiberglass work on the rudder. But it’s all looking good.

Obviously I’m been rather lazy when it comes to boat work. Hence the lack of blog posts. I’ve just been dealing with my own stuff which have been neglected since I took the boat plunge. But as always…

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps…. apparently those little army figurines have been scattered all over Europe. If you see one, drop us a line!





About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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5 Responses to Holi-dayz in the Sun

  1. fabiobrunazzi says:

    Rather lazy is the essence of boat works, for instance today here is raining….

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  2. horaciomateus says:

    I had forgotten that sand is of a dark color in the Med.
    I once commented on your windvane, but now I realized that it’s a direct system (Hydrovane type). That’s good because you now also have an emergency rudder and…an emergency ladder, if you can climb it aboard.


    • Thanks for the approval, Horacio. Man, everyone here thinks it’s the dumbest idea. I’ve started not to give to much of a hoot to most peoples opinions anymore. And you know what they say about opinions!
      I dont quite get the Med’s dark sand thing though…


      • Brownish-colored sand, at least that’s the way it looks in the picture. Something I also noticed in Southern Spain last year. Google “Algarve + beach” and you’ll see that our sand is golden-white. But hey, sand is sand…whose to say a blonde looks better than a brunette!!!

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