I’m Back….at It?

Ohhhhh…. now I have you all in a trance! And none of you had the faintest idea! You see, I re-arranged your subconscious filters and….. oh forgetaboutit! Neuro Linguistic Programming is some pretty interesting stuff. I’ve tried it a bit on myself and boom…. I’m writing a post and have altered y’all to wonder “WTF” is going on in Zoot Allures land. Wow! (a.k.a… good grief!)

Well….. not much. I mean, like I’ve been going down airing out ol’ Zoot and doing things but I’m bored to write stuff I’ve already done in the past. Like run the engine with fresh water and vinegar to wash out the salt water yada yada. To be honest, I spend most of the time hanging out…eg  serving Bloody Mary’s at Kostas’ birthday hamburger BBQ and blabbing  boat garb with boat blabbing dudes and dude-ets.

DSC01476DSC01475But… to get this post happening…. I’ve got a spare windlass (anchor lifter-upper) motor and have no idea if it works. So I decided to take it apart for practice. Cleaned it up and put it back together. Boring stuff but it was my first. DSC01478To spare you the details…. it’s heavy and the springs that hold the brushes are a major p.i.t.a.! Plus putting it back together… if I tighten it down, the shaft wont spin… so I gotta do it again. Listening to Brian Eno helped… I think…!

DSC01482DSC01483DSC01481But…. the best part about this post is…. I’ve decided to pull the old wind vane from the shack and use it next season. A wind vane, my little landlubber snowflakes, is a self steering device, like an autopilot governed by the wind. There are certain types on the market and they are really expensive (3k euro+). Mine is the auxiliary rudder type, came with the boat…. = free! It’s weathered, but all the parts are there. I set it up in the yard and it apparently works.  DSC01480DSC01479Gonna need some extra tender loving care, but that’s what I’m all about. Most of the salts say I’m wasting my time and that they are useless in the Aegean because the wind changes all the time etc. I don’t care. If I have to tweek it every half hour with the sails due to wind shifts… so f-ing what! I’ll still be a happy camper.

So to conclude…. you have all been hypnotized into following another developing saga on ol’ Zoot Allures!

When I snap my fingers, you will all awaken and Have A Great Holiday!!!!!!

and then…

Stay tuned,

Capt. Pete

ps… wake up! wake up!!!

12347915_546785378804499_7031390651524693041_ncourtesy of Conscious Carl

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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2 Responses to I’m Back….at It?

  1. You’re going to have great fun playing with the wind vane…like steering your boat by the tail. Don’t get hypnotized by the magic of it all.
    Truth be told, I was quite happy when another boat crashed into my wind vane at the marina, wrecked it, and I collected the insurance money in full.


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