Goin’ Slow….

Are we there yet?

If your in a hurry, take a freakin’ plane! It’s a sailboat, dummie.

Not that I’m sailing at the moment, but I’m on a smooth cruise of life, taking it as it comes with its ups and downs and enjoying the ride. Even though I’m going slow, I feel like the days are zipping past at record speed, rather contradicting!

That being said, Zoot Allures is resting. I haven’t been able to spend more than a day a week on her. Like last weekend. I went down with just a few things to do. One was to check out the windvane stored in the shack and it seems I’ve got all the pieces and am planning on using it next season (to be continued). Plus I removed the cushions from the doghouse pilot berth to make room for tools for projects. And speaking of projects……..

I have adopted an AirX Breeze wind generator including the mounting poles. The best part is that it has cost me only 1euro (so far)! Howz that?! I was informed it was a Karma thang 🙂 . Anyway… this baby is 10 years old so I have to make sure it works before actually installing it. This particular generator is notorious for the noise it makes. DSC01468DSC01466DSC01465You can get new silent blades for 400 bucks but I was planing on not doing so.  As I was cleaning it up and assembling the blades I noticed that I will have to shell out the $$. The blades are rather spent and one has cracks in it rendering it dangerous! Fine! But since I have a mantra of living a bit on the edge (a bit…. like exiting my comfort zone), I assembled it, hooked up a volt meter to the cables and held it up to the wind. The thing took off like a bat out of hell! Plus my neighbor old man Nikos on the Tahiti Ketch came over to see what I was doing and I almost chopped his head off! Plus the volt meter was giving me bogus outputs. I’m have to find a better way to test this thing. I’d mount it on the support poles but the “feet” are till on another boat….. so this is declared a project on the slow boat.

DSC01464DSC01462DSC01470Another “flying” slow project is Kostas wooden boat. He’s done with the planking (2 crossed layers of 6mm okoume ply) and is ready to flip it and do the decks. I cant say how much I envy him having a boat yard literally in his back yard! The weather has been perfect, but boy does it get dark early…. which defines a slow/short day of boat work.

And speaking of slow…. last Sunday was the Classic Marathon race.

12185313_10153367607522979_7863088165657878750_o12208710_1029939707057326_2975789076411353438_nDSC01474My Bro ran last year for the first time and finished, and I missed all the fun cause I was on Zoot Allures. Not this year. The whole city was in festival mode with the streets closed which was perfect for biking around. He managed to finish this year as well along with his brother-in-law. Man, I really have to quit smoking!

So the days continue to roll by. It’s mid November, the weather has been sweet, work has slowed down a bit plus we were on strike yesterday (still no pay), and I find myself daydreaming of even slower dayzzzzzzz!


IMG_6590 (Medium)

(pictures courtesy of Ulbe and Carla!)

Stay tuned, slow down, breath, let go and see what happens,

Capt Pete

ps… and for all you day dreamers out there

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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11 Responses to Goin’ Slow….

  1. zakis says:

    Thanks brothest for the support! Run Capt Pete Run!

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  2. fabiobrunazzi says:

    I’ve notice the short days… I take it as a good way to avoid working too much

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Matt says:

    That wind genny sounds pretty scary

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lie down until the excitement of installing the wind generator goes away!!
    Think about using the mounting pole to install a solar panel, it will be cheaper, no noise, last a long time, dual battery charging control, and etc. (Am I beginning to sound like a Sunday preacher?). That’s what I did, and I’d never go back to wind power…ever.

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    • The main reason I’d like to use the wind genny is for the fridge, aka cold beer. My panels (100w) barely handle it so I turn it off early afternoons. And if it’s cloudy, forgetaboutit. It would be nice as a backup. I mean…. it was basically free (minus upgrading it). We’ll see.
      (bytheway, I cant comment on your blog, I’ll keep trying)


      • (scratch that last sentence)


      • uhhhm, you either have a big fridge or old solar panels. I have an 80 W Bosch panel and it works great…but wait, I don’t have a fridge, so that’s like me saying that my car gets great mileage because it doesn’t run!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ho ho ho. My fridge is a monster burning 5amps+. Continuously for the first hour and then intermediately. I’ve seen the panels bang out 7amps but that was in June, high noon, no shade from the mast and boom etc. They’ve produced 40 AH in a day… but that was a good day. 25-30AH on average in the summer. Of course I have no problem with warm beer but some cheese would be nice aswell!


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