Where’s The Prick?

Oh my!

Prick? As in someone Joe Pesci is about to mess up? As in a rose thorn? As in Cinderella’s sewing mishap?  Something lost between my legs after swimming in the cold sea?

No dummies! It’s the weather forecast!

southerliesIt ain’t that bad. The problem is that the winds are from the south. Where Zoot Allures is moored, that’s bad. Mostly because Zoot could swing around and break off the prick (bowsprit) of the boat behind me, a constant anxiety of mine. Also the fact that the pricks at work (I love Joe Pesci) had me working that Sunday and I was unable to prevent it from happening. So…. I was out @3pm (from 8am) and hurried on down with a knot (not a prick) in my stomach. The wind was howling… at least it wasn’t raining. Everything was still intact from what I could see. At my dinghy mooring by the rocks, the water was like a washing machine, splashing off the rocks and up me buttocks (I hate that!). I rowed and rowed and rowed making minimal progress. A gust would hit me and I would be back to square one. Then I rowed and rowed and rowed again, then another gust…$#% prick of a wind! It was so strong I was rowing in the air on the forward stroke. WTF…. it’s only 100meters and I couldn’t get by 75. After about half an hour (I could be wrong, it seemed like an eternity), and another gust of many, I gave up and was back at the dinghy mooring in 30 seconds! I monitored to situation from the land and the situation seemed stable so I went to Kostas where Ulbe and Carla were having their annual pizza fest. So I sat, quietly defeated, eating pizza to get my strength back… and it was damn good pizza!

DSC01445DSC01446DSC01449By 6pm the wind died down and I went for a second attempt and succeeded. All was good but way to close for comfort. I took a dive in to check the mooring and all was well. Naturally the “Theta chain” was all the way around the mooring blocks, but I had pulled the lines up as far as possible on my previous visit and the boat prick is still erect/horizontal. I’m only a couple of meters away and that’s without winds gusting.

And on the subject of phallic obelisks… Tuesday the 13th (aka Greek Friday the 13th)

spikeSomebody from Guernsey, a country I’ve never heard of, and I doubt you have either, had a party checking out sailingzootallures blog. I have only 167 posts and Guernsey hit me 353 times in a day! Not that I’m calling anyone a prick, it just stands out like one, compared to the rest of my patheque stats.

So there you have it, from yours truly on my 10th (out of 12) straight day at work. NARF!

Stay tuned… and erect,

Capt Pete

ps…. and since all you ladies are a bit annoyed by now with this post with so many references of phallic pricks, I’ll leave you on a note providing proof that I’m loosing my marbles enjoying pricks like this….. but hey, the guy’s pretty funny!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Where’s The Prick?

  1. Your Guernsey fan is a robot. There was a period when I’d also get like 300 hits from Israel – I mean, who in Israel is interested in a naked boat? One day a long time ago the robots got tired of me, now I only get genuine surfers. I got the secret: shout “naked” and everybody looks!!
    Nice post though about the excitement of being a boat slave. Can’t help myself saying that your neighbour’s boat has such a long bowsprit because Zoot is a sexy boat and it developed a woody.


  2. fabiobrunazzi says:

    It seems you fell victim of somebody else’s “mine is bigger” prick/bowsprit


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