Autumn Leaves

Ah yes, it’s that time of year again, officially Autumn, the leaves change colours, the birds begin to migrate… and the weather doesn’t know the difference between its ass and a hole in the wall!!  No my friends, I’m not there to complain about the weather, I’m actually enjoying it with all its beauty, quirks and wishy-washy-ness… just the way I like my women! They call it nature!

DSC01425But the fore-mentioned nature doesn’t really give a hoot about Zoot Allures, but I do. A few weeks ago there was a spike in the weather forecast for rain and strong southerlies… something my mooring isn’t really setup for. So on a beautiful Sunday morning I tied up in an empty space in the port. By the end of the day I was built in! At 3am I was awaken by a rumble. I open my eyes and through the hatch I saw a horizontal lightening bolt associated with a  cracking sound then boom…. let the games commence! DSC01426DSC01423By dawn the scenery was intense! Heavy downpours, howling wind, lots of thunder and lightening (and bears, oh my). Then it would stop, and then it would start again from a different direction, and start and stop and start… for pete’s sake! DSC01427DSC01422We where hit by at least four squalls. In other parts of Greece there were tornadoes and a lot of  damage was done. Skopelos got slammed! Mama Mia!

DSC01428DSC01433The whole week was funky and I was down there everyday after work. Life at port is fun! I met alot of interesting people. Bernard, an Austrian dude with a purple steel boat was tied up with me and we had a good time. He picked up his 24yr old son and 80yr old dad from the airport that week and when the weather cleared they headed off to Turkey! I would have loved to join them (but alas, I’m stuck here with a mortgage and a job that doesn’t pay yada yada).

The next weekend when it was all over, my favorite Dutch couple, Ulbe and Carla showed up for a 3 week hang! And so did the wind (northerlies), so I moved out (to my mooring) and they moved in. As I’ve mentioned before, their ship is a 38ft wooded ketch, a Cutty Hunk, named Pyrrha (from the mythology of the beginning of the world(?)) Poor people… it was windy and cold, so cold that one evening I went down and we hung out in their salon which they declared was the first time!

Screenshot_2015-10-07-12-51-26Last Saturday the wind started to die down in the evening (I was stuck at work all day anyway) and we made plans to take off for 2 days (I got Monday off). 10am we were off! There was a bit of a north breeze left over, 16knts, and we had a nice sail over to the south bay of the “big” Petalious Island. While sailing I did “something” right, had my tiller tied off and was hands free for over an hour…. sweet!

DSC_0014DSC_0009And sweet it was! We pretty much had the bay to ourselves (with a few exceptions of hunters, dogs and another sailboat).  We dinghy-ed ashore, had a nice walk on the beach and checked out a nice “baby” beach within a hole in the rocks. That evening Ulbe whipped up a mean spicy pot of spaghetti and I wore socks for the first time in 3 months (hey, it’s cold at night!)

bridgeThe next morning we ventured around (ccw) the “big” Island to the “small” one via the passage that used to have a bridge a couple-of-hundred years ago. I crawled over first while shouting out the depth…. down (or up, however you look at it) to 1.7 meters! And then……

DSC_0037DSC01438DSC01443DSC_0036We were in awe of the colours of the water. Caribbeans… eat your heart out! We head out to a bay further north, had an excellent swim, checked out the beach, had a quick lunch and head on back home at 3pm (boo hoo!).

DSC_0053DSC_0055On arriving back after motorsailing in light winds, I found Ulbe and Carla with surprise! They caught a big ass fish! At least someone is doing some fishing. Me, I’ve got my hands tied being solo! Maybe next year (like I said last year… and the year before that). And on that note I would like to thank (and you should too) Carla for all these beautiful photos! There quite a few more. Without Carla this post would have been ….. a tad bland. A photo is worth a thousand word!! Thank you Carlaaa!!!


Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… I’m stuck at work for a 12 day stretch…. don’t hold your breathe for more of the above, dagnamit!


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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9 Responses to Autumn Leaves

  1. Matt says:

    Nice to see pics of you out on the water! I didn’t realise ZA had a mast furling mainsail – very fancy!


    • It’s nice to have people taking pics of me out on the water! Plus it’s nice to be out there too.
      The mainsail furling is an add-on, rather old, finicky, and real heavy! I don’t know about fancy but it makes life a bit easier, though the sail trim is awful so the mainsail is pretty dead performance wise.


  2. luisdg77 says:

    i started writing something sarcastic and funny but since other people read this as well and i m known for being a considerate a-ho,i decided not to and i will just say nice pics Piri and thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Now, that’s living it up captain!! The water is so clear it looks like you’re in the Bahamas. The last picture says it all, beautiful boat with a happy sailor…even the fish looks good (but not happy, at least nobody caught a seagull like me).


    • Yeah, that last picture does it for me too (even though the shirt is half-assed buttoned). It was sweet but waaay too short. I missed the fishing scene so I no nothing on seagull casualties even though Pyrrah is a victim when the Dutch are away! Who knows what happened out there!
      The fish was 3 kilos… and I missed the feast (as well) cause I’m getting slammed at work. Gotta make a poster of that pic to get me by!


  4. fabiobrunazzi says:

    It seems you need to quit your job soon! I am sending positive vibrations (’cause I have no money…) and emphatize with the feeling of being stuck… It’s going to change… It is changing sooner than I think… Keep the mantra going!


    • OOOOOhhhmmmm! Positive vibrations are always welcome. Change is always in the cards… which is a good thing. Otherwise it would all be rather boring. I’m keeping a stiff upper lip, smiling as much as possible, but the environment is grotesque. Cheers!


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