Don’t Ask!

Yep folks, another catch phrase to compliment a long awaited post. For example… “why haven’t you posted anything about cruising this summer?”…. don’t ask! For example……


IMG-20150824-WA0000IMG-20150824-WA0005See… I told you! Like I said in my previous post… leisure time (aka not Zoot Allures time)! Nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters and mothers and a farm house in need of tender loving care. IMG-20150824-WA0001IMG-20150820-WA0001Chairs need gluing, tiles need re-doing, futon couches need hauling from one side of the farm to the other.  And when the nephew is an art student doing video projects…… like I said…. don’t ask!  After about 10 days I was eager to get back to ol’ Zoot. IMG-20150824-WA0003I knew the winds where up again and I had a knot in my stomach. Driving back to the city with “the nephew” was fun but the closer we got, the warmer it got… a lot! Poor dumb dog Panos looked like he was going to….go! Later in the afternoon I was back on Zoot Allures, rocking and rolling on my mooring. Everything was fine and secured, the sea out of the harbor was white without a hint of any other boat out there….. so the next day I head back down to Nafplio! Yeah… so don’t ask!

Screenshot_2015-09-09-23-55-29But…… after about 4 days I head back to ol’ Zoot. The winds where still howling on a 24hour basis. I stuck it out on the mooring and last week they died down and I hauled ass outathere! I had a great sail out to Petalious Islands. The winds were from the south east, no waves…perfect. When I got there after 3 hours, I was having such a good time, I opted to keep on going so I head down (actually up) to Almiropotamo. That was a bit of a pain, going down wind and jibing all the time. The only mishap was that the genoas’ tack shackle came loose and threw the pin (I heard a little dingling sound on the fore-deck). WTF!!?! No prob… got it back on without falling overboard.

Screenshot_2015-09-09-23-55-19Almiropotamo is a sweet place. I did some bouncing around and even took a day trip to another harbor further north called Porto Buffalo. I could have taken tons of pictures and stuff but I just wasn’t into it. But I met some interesting people and had some great food.  I stayed for 3 or 4 nights up there, Saturday I sailed down to Petalious Island for the night, Sunday back at the mooring and Monday back at work. Thus ends this summers’ vacation …dagnammit!

DSC_0298So why aren’t I elaborating more? Why do I actually have this blog?? Don’t ask! I got a new Blue Seas battery selector switch. Why? Don’t ask. Why is it on my chopping block? I have no idea!

But to close this on a sailing note….. cuz John has some great camera and took some awesome photos from miles away in Evoia a few weeks ago.

Zoot 06

What can I say…. words are cheep

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… did I mention going back to work after 7 weeks sucks?????

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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9 Responses to Don’t Ask!

  1. No need to ask, it’s obvious you had a great time and even managed to pull off a number of cruising days in paradise.
    But you shouldn’t have told us you had a 7-week holiday. That information will drive some enslaved Americans crazy!!

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  2. Ok, to get the story straight. When I work Saturdays, I get 1.333 days off. I managed to save 10 days. Plus my annual 25 days = 35days= 7 weeks. This is providing I don’t take any days off for 10 months=> my head is back is the mindless laboring cesspool!
    I must admit I’m enjoying the appeal of vacation discussions with y’all Portuguese! Uno fasta uno ratsa!
    (..and I corrected the photo of fixing tiles from the chair)


  3. fabiobrunazzi says:

    I understand how life is so hard! I won’t ask anything more…

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