August…. Cruise?

Nay, I say, as I sit here typing this at the farm house in Nafplio, in an air-conditioned room on Mom’s laptop while she’s trying to teach grandson Luis how to play bridge. Not what I was planning on all winter but, hey, I can think of worse.

I did make a conscious decision not to venture out into the Aegean this August but sometimes I’m having second thoughts. But then the wicked Meltemi picks up and I feel somewhat content. The Dog cruise got canceled due to force 7 winds and I was stuck on my mooring rocking and rolling. DSC_0292But Monday last week the winds died down and after an afternoon nap, I up-ed and left across my “pond” and head out to Petalious Island. I got there after sunset and my fav bay was full of sailboats still sheltering from the big “M”.

DSC_0294The next day started out sweet, most of the other foreign vessels buggered off but then there was an onslaught of locals with their speedboats and RIB’s zooming around, making wakes, noise and …. oh just annoying. But being anchored out kinda deep, I had an interesting looking neighbor “Le Gin”. Not that they invited me for drink or something, but it was a sight for sour eyes. (and Mom just cranked the Beatles “I am the Walrus” on the record player! I’m never going to finish this!)

DSC_0295At 5pm I weighed anchor and head out to the big Island of Evoia to go visit (at last) my cousin John and family. They’ve bought a 100yr old house up on the hill, have done an amazing job renovating it and the view is spectacular….. and oh so QUIET!!!!

DSC_029611870923_480262475467976_7793559797697953026_n11836730_480262455467978_2926429804085773507_nIt’s so sweet to be anchored alone! That evening we had dinner…. John used to work at fisheries and …. well putting it lightly… knows fish!! The next morning it was calm calm calm and no one showed up on the little beach until 11. Did I mention it was real quiet! John and his daughters came down and we went snorkeling for over an hour, and outside that little bay, something I don’t do cuz I’m scared shitless alone (the big mouth),  and the last time I went snorkeling with John was  like over 30 years ago!! 11828789_10153651648247033_7903273763094620584_nAfterwards we went for lunch in town, cruise around a bit and went back to the house to nap (pass out!) and in the evening watched the shooting stars sipping rum (yes Julia, I saw a good one… verified or not!… so there!)

Thursday morning I woke to a breeze and Zoot Allures’ butt was near the rocks (but no prob… I luv my Rocna anchor!). I was leaving that day so I up-ed and left even though I really wanted to stay. Really! Thanks so much Julia, John, Eliza and Daphne (who should put the phone down and read that dang book!)


sailing away

Screenshot_2015-08-17-13-58-28The sail back was great! I was on a beam reach, 10 to 15 knots boogieing with 5-6. Went by Perati to check it out…yup, a bunch of speed boats. The only mishap was my missing mooring ball so I had to anchor, dive to retrieve my ropes and tied up, tidied up, cleaned up and got ol’ Zoot ready to abandon for 10 days. I found it easier to leave her (him? it?) on a mooring that at anchor in Nafplio fretting it. And that raps up my whooping 37 nautical mile cruise!

IMG-20150819-WA0002DSC_0299So here in Nafplio doing the family thang. Potter around, go for a swim (they swim, I chill), nap, BBQ, eat (real french fries and feta and sardines),  sleep. Bro and family were here last weekend  and now Sis and kid and dumb dog Panos are here. And that’s what a summer vacation in August is all about. It’s leisure time.


Stay tuned

Capt. zzzzzz Pete!

ps.. did ya notice I didn’t name where the John paradise  is? Ho ho ho!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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3 Responses to August…. Cruise?

  1. Bernhard Graf says:

    Hi dude!
    We perfectly arrived in Fethiye after a 2m waves surf, when we crossed the meltemizone.Dad found it nice, Jakob steered the bloody steelboat. We kept her ass up on the waves and went down doing ten knots from time to time.
    I was having fun reading your blog and finding your pics and comment of our meeting in pouring porto rafti.
    Down here in turkey summer is still on and food is fresh and cheap, so why should we complain?
    Hope u r ok!
    Have a nice time!
    U can send me an email or find me on Facebook: Bernhard Graf Neulengbach


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