A Blue Moon Bash/Slash

I hear you loud and clear!

Well last week was kinda rough. On antibiotics, a heat wave, off the booze and not being able to dunk my head in the sea. But Friday we were promised a spectacular moon. My ear was fine after 2 days and I went to the doc for a followup Friday morning. DSC01418He said I was fine and to stop the drugs which my body doesn’t appreciate (I hate drugs with instructions). So to celebrate, my great friend Hari and her man Kostas came down to celebrate with a ….watermelon.

DSC01420They came rather early, the sun was still mighty brutal but we managed to have a good time catching up and being silly even though I was still keeping my head above water, the watermelon sucked(!) and a swell was getting to them. Plus we gotta thank Kostas for playing around with his camera. Otherwise this wouldn’t be much of a post.

We had mermaids in the sea

IMG_3301 copyMosquitoes in the rigging (yes, another fire…)

IMG_3310…and babes aboard.

IMG_3327IMG_3336IMG_3364But the best part is when I have a conversation with Hari, she always gives me a rough time, and not the way I like it. She always has a way to prove to me how much of a doofus I am. A real friend!

After chilling and napping to recover from “heated” garb, eventually the moon arose as the sun set. It was all quite beautiful.

IMG_3368IMG_3379Apparently taking a shot like this on a boat rocking in a swell is next to impossible. Soon the watermelon and the swell took its toll and… lets say the contents of my bucket was a banana peel from my breakfast, half a watermelon…. and poor Hari’s spline. The only thing left to do was to get them back to land asap…. and the bash got slashed.

The rest of the weekend was spent visiting the cuz G.S. dwellings and the Alex family (aka Alex, Efi and “the Kid”….. I even got a haircut out of it…. thanks Efi!). The meltemi is back and it has cooled down abit. But swinging and rocking around on my mooring is getting a bit old. I was supposed to head out on the “dog cruise” on Wednesday but with a force 6+ it wouldn’t be prudent. It’s forecast for a 7 Friday. WTF?!? And next weeks looking ambiguous.

img103IMG_6406 (Medium)Feeling stuck, I head back to Athens last night while picking up my nephew from the airport. Here at home I found an email in my spam folder(?) from my Dutch friends Ulbe a Carla with pics and instructions on Almiropotamo (thanks guys!) where the “dog cruise” was heading. I think it’s time to take ol’ Zoot out for a serious sea trail. It’s not the wind that bothers me so much but the waves. It’ll be a close haul against the wind aka beating into the wind… and alot of wave bashing

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… remember the “where’s Waldo” comic puzzle? Welcome to “where’s Capt Pete”! There’s a prize for the winner.

IMG_6469 (Medium)not!


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A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to A Blue Moon Bash/Slash

  1. Sunshine, friends aboard, clear water…better than bashing into wind and waves any day. Jakatar is anchored in Culatra and I’m back home for a while, and already yawning, not to mention working. Enjoy the summer.


    • Thanks Horacio. Yeah, things haven’t been going as planned, no suprise. Since the moon thing the winds have been f7 so the dog cruise went awash and I’m just hanging and swinging and rocking on my mooring. Boring but beats working. Tomorrow it will settle down so I’ll cross my pond to Evia. Then Friday, moor up and drive down to the farm house, Nafplio, for 10 days with family. Not much of a cruising summer this year.
      Culatra looks real cool! Maybe soon I’ll……….


  2. lamont george says:

    I see you. Sooo, a fellow boater asks ‘wanna get high?’ and you fall for it everytime???


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