Plagued… again!


If you go back in this blog to the end of August 2012 or do search on “plague” you’ll see I got an ear infection which sucked. Guess what… I got it again…. and it sucks again! I have to stop diving deap 10 times a day, something I really enjoy.
Now I’m on antibiotics, ear drops, stomach yeast,  for a week. I cant get my ear wet so I swim around like an old lady! Plus there is absolutely no wind so sailing is out and we’ve got a heatwave this week… it is sweltering hot!
The worst part is that I can’t drink due to the antibiotics. My summer vacation is not what I had envisioned.
Last week wasnt all that bad though.  I went to Nafplio with Mom to un-winterise the farm house, then spent most of the week seeing friends and prepping stuff for ol’ Zoot. Even installed a freshwater deck shower. Over the weekend had a guest over and went to Perati island for fun and games. Sunday we awoke to a thick fog which was interesting. It cleared by 11am and then got surrounded by Sunday fat people speed boats. Ok, we had fun hanging and swimming, but no game! WTF?
But all is good, right? I’m making the most of it. I even met some sweet old ladies who scolded me for not wearing a hat while swimming!  And that was a lot of fun. Plus I’m reading a book a good friend, Le Bob, gave me called “Practicing the Power of Now”. PERFECT!
Next week ma Sis is coming with “dumb dog” Panos and we’re going for a week cruise here in the south Evoiko Sea. The ear will be fine, the wind will be back and the temps back to normal.
So, after laying out this rant (sorry), I’m actually feeling great!
Time to show off my hats to the old ladies!
Stay tuned, do drugs, not booze,
Capt Pete
Ps… tablet time again and this wordpress app blows. But I knew that… just had forgotten. 

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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8 Responses to Plagued… again!

  1. Pete, if you dive only 9 metres, maybe your ears won’t get screwed up.
    With all your “troubles”, maybe I shouldn’t tell you that I just finished a 3-day sail to the Algarve and I’m now anchored in Alvor a stone throw away from a Frances 26. Must be fate!!
    Enjoy the cruise with your sister and he “dumb dog”…you may think he’s dumb but he goes cruising at your expense!!


    • Foistof all, he’s actually deaf and leaves me a tip in hair!
      Your out on zee wassa!, Great man! Safe travels and believe the faith! But behave.
      Thoidly, it’s only 6 meters… I like to “hang” down there,


  2. hanna says:

    oh dear! oh no! sorry to hear about your earproblems! Hope you recover soon! in the meenwhile: would´nt this be a solution? see:
    bit femininin, allright! – but so attractive – and further ladies comments assured!
    Kisses many and happy to see you soon 🙂
    We are planning to come the 27.August… and … yuppie!
    Are we still planning to meet in Aegina? bootsrides? fun? dump dog & sis included?
    hugs the HuGs


  3. hanna says:

    Gooooooood! (for ears)
    hope! (for aegina)
    Love (for capt´n pete)

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