Open House Weekend.


When doors open, all you have to do is walk in.

This past weekend was time to do whacha supposed to do when you have a sailboat. Do a bit of sailing, eat, sleep, enjoy some good company. I got the genoa on (all by my pretty little self… another first) and picked the first couple of guest.DSC01402DSC01400 A very good friend of mine Kenan and his squeeze Katerina.Once settled in we let go of the mooring and sailed out to Perati Island just 3 miles away. There we swam, ate, drank, chilled and, well you know, just vegged out. They had brought a bunch of food 🙂 which makes my life easier (I obviously pulled out the camera too late!…burp). One of which was a bean called kouki (κουκί). They didn’t let me eat it because if you don’t get checked out, it may kill you. WTF! I tried one and it was delicious! Anyhoo, I convinced them to stay over, we hit the harbor in the evening and had some dinner and wine with the cuz-es (G.S. and Vicky), only to return to ol’ Zoot where I passed out instantly!

DSC01405DSC01406Next morning, bright and early, I blasted out to the train station to pick up Alexandra and a friend Christine. Kenan and Kat had to head back into town and the girls and I pretty much spent the day in the same motivo…. Perati Island, swim, eat, drink, hang etc etc.

Damn this is rough!!

DSC01404Having friends and guest over is great fun. Sure, it makes you a bit busier taking care of them and entertaining and making sure they don’t kill themselves (Kenan had an accident 3 years ago climbing the mob ladder which I’m not getting into) but the biggest reward are the smiles on their faces.  Gee, I wish I had a friend with a sailboat all these years!


Stay tuned…. hey, and no pushing. Stay in line and wait your turn!

Capt Pete

ps…. holy crap. Next week is July! Time to finish up the “issues” and haul ass outahere!


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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6 Responses to Open House Weekend.

  1. kenan says:

    He lies. And his pants are on fire. I encouraged you to eat Koukia. I was sure you would come to no harm. Besides I ve seen you munch on steel. Some, are however more “careful” and rang alarm bells that 0.000000000001% of kouki eaters develop an allergy when they eat it RAW. Zut allors!!
    It was a great break. Ahhh I’m so glad I have a friend with a sailboat. Even though I did hurt myself 3 years ago.


  2. Now I’m intrigued – I need to try this kouki stuff. Not sure they sell it at the local Walmart here though.


    • Aha! So you like living on the edge! I did a bit of googling…. nothing came up at Walmart. But it seems they are a.k.a. fava beans or broad beans. Looks more like string beans to me, but the size of a lama bean. I google translated an article for you if you’re feeling more intrigued….
      “A not very large proportion of the population of Mediterranean countries suffer from a lack of an enzyme in red blood cells, the glucose-6fosforiki dehydrogenase (G6PD). This anomaly is congenital and now identified with tests done in newborns (This of course in countries with advanced modern medicine). Usually observed in men but not excluded and women. The condition is called “kyamosi ‘and people suffering from this you eat raw beans (or inhale pollen blossom Koukias) at risk of suffering an acute hemolytic anemia can be fatal. ”
      Bytheway, I’m still lovin’ your blog…. but it’s nearly impossible to comment on via my tablet!


  3. Portuguese people eat tons of fava beans (broad beans or whatever one may call them) and never heard of anybody getting sick. I got a hangover once, but that was from too much red wine.
    Hey Pete, you’re having too much fun on your boat while your biker minister is wrestling with Miss Austerity and her 18 dwarfs.


    • Our biker minister and Miss Austerity can wrestle all they like. I’ve decided to mind my own business and have “too” much fun while I still can. The news has just gotten soooo boring and I refuse to get caught up in the paranoia trip of “2morrows the most crucial day ever in the history of GR” blah blah. It’s been going on for over 5 years now…. same old story, just smells different! Maybe if we fed them some raw beans……..


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