Here We Go… Again!

Howdie y’all!

I’m stuck at work in the 12th World Congress of Biological Psychiatry  and all I can say is……! So I’m gonna bang this one out. Long story short….we be wet!

DSC01373DSC01374DSC01376Last week Tuesday… got out of work at 10pm and went down to ol’ Zoot for the last preps, eg take off the solar panels etc. Wednesday morn I was the second to launch. Not to many details to write about, it all went pretty well. DSC01378DSC01379DSC01380I’m still amazed how Zoot Allures fits out of the yard! It was a long day. Five boats were moved. Four in and one out… the old Tahiti ketch.

The next days involved going to work and blasting down to the harbor to take care of issues.

DSC01382Issue#1…. We are sinking!!! I had taken my speedometer wheel thingie transducer off to clean during the winter and apparently hadn’t tightened it enough. But with more tightening it still leaked.  With the assistance of Kostas, we popped it out, saw the sea bottom while water gushed in! We popped on the dummie cap. Rather sobering seeing an open hole in the hull!

Issue#2…. my raw water impeller pump is leaking… again! To be continued…

Issue#3…. the engine starting battery wont push the starter motor hard enough to engage. Got a new 100Ah battery… still same problem (f@#$k!). I took off the battery selecting switch off to clean, but it’s clean as a whistle (f@#$K again!) Must be the wiring. To be continued… again!

The rest of the time is just putting ol’ Zoot back together. I got the main sail on (all by myself for the first time!). I went for the genoa but the furling drum was backwards facing out so I tied down the second jib halyard to the anchor roller, tightened it good, released the fore-stay (the front wire holding up the mast), flipped it 180degrees and refastened it. Rather nerve wrecking… one mistake and the mast falls over! DSC01381All in all, being in port makes life easier for doing stuff, like hauling 50 litres of fuel, cleaning, filling water tanks etc. But it’s crowded and noisy and annoying! So Sunday morning I moved out to my mooring, took a nice first swim of the season and… aaaaaaaaahh!

Other notes…. I forgot my phone and tab chargers aboard so Monday I blasted on down and Zoot Allures is still afloat. These dudes at this biological psychiatry conference haven’t got anything for my new season of anxiety! DSC01384Nothing compared to poor Christos. He launched his new homemade personally designed wooden cutter for the first time and while stepping the mast, something went wrong and the albouretto (a top extension of the mast) broke. What a bummer! His rigging is rather complicated… hopefully we’ll see it soon.

Stay tuned, dry and afloat… pleeeez!

Capt Pete

ps… getting up every day at 6am is not for me! Plus this conference is boring as hell!

pss… next post might be about where I’m invited to dinner tonight…..?


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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8 Responses to Here We Go… Again!

  1. Welcome back to the water!! Nice job. Zoot looks sexy as ever.
    She barely got wet and already has 3 issues (typical high maintenance dame). But you’re on the mooring so you must have solved the engine battery problem.


    • Thanks Horacio, it’s great to be back after a long winter. High maintenance is putting it lightly. What a cow!
      I can get the engine started in the “both” position. But the problem has yet to be solved. The starter motor turns but doesn’t make it to the flywheel to engage and turn over. I’ve got a couple of funking wiring connection to attend to. You can see one in the transducer pic (to the left) with red cable… a last year botch job I’ve been meaning to fix. Then the ground. If it still fails, that when I go “Koooooostaaaa!”


  2. hanna says:

    Splish splash!
    as I am enjoying to get news from the adventures of zoot allures and käptn petrowitsch!
    much love
    H u G


  3. Matt says:

    Congrats! Quite the tight squeeze through that lane though on the way to the crane, yikes


  4. manoulitsa says:

    Πολλά και ωραία ταξίδια και αέρας στα πανιά σου.


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