Ready or….Not?

Not Wot as the Brits say. Or what not.

Sure, why not. Time to hit the water. It would have already happened, just way to windy for launching anything. Tomorrow the winds will die down so my next post will be a “wet” one. So lets bang this “dry” one out.

DSC01347Friday after noon I broke out the sewing machine and repaired my bosun chair which a rat had its way with. While I was at it I made a winch bag out of the leg of some old jeans.   Met up with Kostas Saturday morn and headed down to Piraeus. He had to get a water heater for some installation and we got the last hydraulic plug so I now can finish up my steering thang. DSC01351On the way back I hung out on a Hallberg Rassy sailboat while Kostas changed the exhaust elbow. Man, what a slick boat them Rassy’s are! On the way back we stopped buy the “wood  dudes” who are restoring a old kaiki.

DSC01354Anyway, back aboard Zoot Allures I bled the hydraulic steering… did my best but still made a bit of a mess. I also pulled the raw water pump and changed the impeller…. all by my pretty little self.

DSC01355Sunday I changed the fuel filters. CAV filters suck!!! There is no way to change them without spilling diesel all over the place. I’m so happy with my secondary filter which you just pop the top off, pull out the filter, replace… bada bim! But you can see the mess in the bilge the CAV created!

DSC01357DSC01356Also at long last we epoxy-ed the the bolts that hold the rudder to the skeg. It just needs some fairing and antifoul paint… boom, done. Ready to launch!

DSC01363DSC01369So then I hung out, relaxed and watched Kostas wooden boat project get some love. They started the first layer of side planking. It looks odd and they went at it with a nail gun. I’ve always wanted a nail gun but I’m better off without one cause I probably would have nailed my self somewhere.

DSC01366So stay tuned and dry as I wet myself,

Capt Pete

ps…. does anyone pay attention to details?? “I’m not an alcoholic. I’m a Drunk! Alcoholics go to meetings” My favorite shot glass. Thanks Sis!



About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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2 Responses to Ready or….Not?

  1. You’re almost there, slave. I had a friend who owned a 40-something-foot Halberg Rassy. After being in his boat, mine felt like a shack. He bought it, cruised for a few years and sold back to a Swede for a profit. Go figure.
    By the way, is Kosta’s boat for sailing or motoring, or both?


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