Up Up and Away!

…. on my beautiful, my beautiful balooooon! (whoops… showing my age again)

No, you silly sods. I’ve not “sailed” away. Still stuck in the yard. Pretty much just cleaning and ready to launch. I was going to this week but the winds where going to pipe up to something ridiculous so I left it for next week. But Zoot Allures has a new coat of antifoul paint and is looking good.

Last Saturday when I went down, the crane had shown up for the launch of my retired old neighbors. So I joined in the fun. After the launch we started getting their sails on. The jib halyard was old and chafed, their replacement was to big to pass threw the top shackle so someone had to go up and take care of business. Guess who…..

IMG_20150530_134828IMG_20150530_134634IMG_20150530_134622Well, after trying to pass the a tight fit halyard for about 15 minutes it was decided they had to go buy a new one. So I just stayed up there and enjoyed the view for about a half an hour! And low and behold I became a tourist attraction with people walking by taking pictures. Good grief! As if they’ve never seen someone up a mast doing…nothing!

IMG_20150530_182828Anyhoooo…… all’s well that ends well. After the boat was all set up, Mr Andreas and brother Michalis made Kostas and I some steaks and stuff and we went through a liter and a half of wine they had aboard. Then Kostas brought over an other jug of wine he had next door on s/v Kaisi and….. long story short, it’s a wonder how old Michalis didn’t fall overboard while doing the dishes! It’s a nice feeling helping out those old dudes. Ol’ Andreas was so touched  he cried 3 times!

Karma, baby!

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps…. If I don’t launch next week…… I’ll……. well, you know.


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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10 Responses to Up Up and Away!

  1. So, let me get this straight. You were hauled up the mast by an old chaffed line and hung there for 90 minutes amusing the tourists. Remember the song “He’s my brother but he ain’t heavy”, never realized they were singing about mast climbers :-). Good thing you didn’t drink any beer before you went up!!


    • Ho ho. I should have taken a beer up with me!
      I couldn’t recall the song. ‘Did a google search, heard the harmonica intro… and immediate closed the tab!!!! Yikes/eww! I didn’t have the patients to figure the relevance besides the title. Too many memories!
      (I was up on 2 un-chaffed lines bytheway)


      • The song title just popped into my mind (as in “good thing you’re not heavy”). Now I got curious and Googled it too and, yeah, the lyrics have no relevance whatsoever. I’m working too hard…that’s my excuse.

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      • Work smerk… me too. Time to hit the water!. I’m telling you, the moment I heard the harmonica intro, I flashed back and ew ew ew’ed!


  2. Matt says:

    Good luck with the (possible) launch!


    • Merci! …and god have mercy. I picked the wrong week to quit smoking. It;s my fourth time watching her tangling in the air, stepping the mast etc etc. Then the anxiety of being afloat went I’m in town working. I need a new plan!


  3. Christina dePian says:

    Launch away, dear captain! Up, up and thawr she blows, bros! Hip hip hooray and … three sheets to the wind, hic!

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  4. muzzer says:

    What are you doing up there!!! “Oh my God”!!!!


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