Enough…I’m Done!


That’s it! I can’t take it any more! Zoot Allures has finally done me in and I’m ready to throw in the towel and commence my sorry ass to Davy Jones’ Locker! So I tied a 20 kilo anchor around my neck and……..


Hey! Stop! Whataminute!

DSC01343Taking a closer look I realized that old, non-shining anchor is an original Rocna Anchor. But how could it be?? A Rocna is one of the best anchors out there. Whoever has one raves on how fast they set in any conditions and for their holding. OK…change of plans. Davy Jones will have to wait!!

Enough nonsense! So as you know, I never (hardly ever) tie up at port and am on the hook. When it blows, which it tends to to here with the dreaded summer Meltemi winds, I sleep like a baby….. I wake up every 10 minutes and cry! Well I’ve had it. For the past 3 years I’ve been determined to get a Rocna. But those bad boys are expensive! Plus with all the uncertain financial bull going on in Greece (yup, didn’t get paid this month… here we go again), and with the other unexpected/expensive repair projects (tranny), I’ve been a bit reluctant. But this year it was a do or die thing.

One of my best buddies, Stelios Apostolopoulos (documentary producer/underwater camera man) bought a BMW motorcycle 20 years ago from a dude (Giannis Pilidis) who had a marine store. Lately I found out that the marine store was Tecrep Marine, the importer of Rocnas,  where I’ve already been shopping for other stuff (Jabsco, True Plug etc). Well, I met up with Giannis (who I met 20 years ago) and he made me cool price. But then he said “check this out” and showed me a used 20 kilo Rocna, just what I wanted. And at a third of the price! Giannis said he can get a logo sticker for it and I’m like NO! I love the fact that it doesn’t look new. I don’t want to worry about it getting stolen when ol’ Zoot is on the mooring and me away. So every thing is perfect and wonderful. And I’m giddy!


Other news. Not much. Too much work. Last Sunday I went down, cleaned up a bit from a sand storm from Africa and slapped another 2 coats of D1 oil in the cockpit. And a nice BBQ at Kostas.

Stay tuned… and rock solid!

Capt Pete

ps… It looks like I’m not going to get to splash by June 1st. I’ll get as much done this weekend. But unfortunately my brothers’ father in law past away. He was an avid snorkeler and a great guy and will be missed.

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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9 Responses to Enough…I’m Done!

  1. Holy S#$#!!! A couple of years ago I was singing about my Rocna and you were wishing for one. Now I tragically lost mine and you found yours. That beast is better than a sleeping pill…20 kg for your boat, if the boat drags the whole ocean floor will drag with it.


    • Thanks Horacio! You can’t imagine how upset I was when you lost yours. (Is it lost for good?) I could have gone with the 15kilo but bigger is better (and in this case… cheeper!) I cant wait to “wet it” cause the only thing wet now is me!


  2. Minos says:

    Hello! I just discovered your blog, which is really interesting by the way!
    I was wondering if I could contact you by email to ask you some further questions about the boat, there is a kind of mystery and coincidence that I have which I would like to solve with you help.

    Hope to hear from you soon,


  3. fabiobrunazzi says:

    Lucky catch! This story makes me think how wrong is to run to the wallet when you need something. It may take time but things will find a gentle way to you!


    • Gentle=gooooood! And I have run to the wallet in the past. Like I bought a pair of windshield wipers for 35 bucks and haven’t installed them so they wont go bad! But sometimes you have to cry once and get the best even if your wallet disagrees.


      • fabiobrunazzi says:

        Sad but true, I just ordered a code zero sail. The odds that it would come gently my way anytime soon are very low, so the wallet cry…

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  4. Rachel says:

    Slept like a baby..woke up every ten minutes! Ha! That’s a good one. Congrats on the new anchor!


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