Fishy Wood (W)Rap…


(The way to greet an Nazi that speaks french when you are an American disguised as an Italian….. via the Urban Dictionary). Doesn’t make much sense. Neither does this title. I just couldn’t think of something better due to my environment (@work). ‘Nuf said.

But the 3 day weekend environment was sweet on Zoot Allures! First off…. socks off!! It’s warm at last! Time to knock off jobs barefoot in a t-shirt and hat. First gig was to wrap up the water tanks. They finally emptied of the vinegar water bleaaah, scraped as much of the insides I could, vacuumed, rinsed, repeat…. and closed off the inspection ports… nice clean water from the tap. Not drinkable due to the tanks being aluminum, but clean.

DSC01318But the key word of this post is WOOD. Iroko to be precise. If you’ve had the balls to be following this blog for a while you’d know how much sanding I did 3 years ago. The WoodSkin sealer (aka Cetol) I used didn’t hold up very well at all. So I’m going with Owatrol D1 penetrating oil. DSC01322The rubrail is something I can’t do afloat so I started with that. A 4 hour story short, I sanded it on my knees leaning over with my orbital with 40 grit and then 80grit. In the afternoon to avoid direct sunlight, I wiped with acetone and applied 2 coats. I like this stuff. The iroko seems to like it too! ‘Gonna hit the cockpit next chance.

DSC01319DSC01324DSC01323And speaking of wood, Kostas started experimenting building a tiller for his wooden boat project. He made 3, one out of iroko and another 2 laminating plywood (which would have been a nice picture I didn’t take). He also glassed plywood in the skeg. DSC01326DSC01314She’s gonna be sweet but I kinda doubt he’ll finish it for this summer. The warm weather has everyone getting there boats ready and he’s running around like a top.

DSC01312Another highlight is that the Perkins is just about ready. Unbelievable, I know! We got back the exhaust elbow (and if it holes again I’ll……), hooked it back on with all the hoses and stuff and ran the bitch till she warmed up. The tranny seems to be working fine as well! I sucked the oil out, changed the filter and all that’s left is to add oil (which I’m out of, duh), change the raw water pump  impeller and fuel filters and wrap that saga up…. with a prayer.

DSC01313The boats a mess. In and out. There are lots off other little thing to take care of. Like the face of the v-berth shelf fell off. The ply shelf has alot of dry rot and the screws can’t hold on, but that’s ok. You gotta have some fun too. Plus it’s getting too hot to work between 2 and 5. Soooooo……

DSC01329Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps… I was having alot of deja vous sanding the rubrail. The orbital sander gets kinda heavy leaning over holding and pressing. I was surprised my shoulders and knees were fine. When I got home I cut some cheese for a late night snack and realized which muscles took a toll…ouch!

pss… time to wrap this baby up and splash! Of course working this Sunday and next Saturday (and all in between) is a burden. Plus we’re getting hints of not getting paid (again), but by June we’ll be wet!

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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6 Responses to Fishy Wood (W)Rap…

  1. Christina dePian says:

    How much WOOD would a WOODchuck chuck, if a WOODchuck could chuck WOOD??? Ahoy!


  2. Matt says:

    Sanding, Barrrfffffffffffff. The only thing worse than waxing!


  3. horaciomateus says:

    I’m really jealous of your 3-day weekend on Zoot and the look of the oiled wood…and specially of those barbecued sea bream. Man, I’m running around with my head in a bucket and hardly even see my boat.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The 3 days were nice but I’m entirely in the same bucket. Gonna be a hellava month. But dude, go see and say hi to your boat. Otherwise she’ll get mad at you. And we all know that won’t be a good thing.


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