Attitude…a Work in Progress

Attitude… my little snowflakes. How is yours coming along? Much has been written about attitude. It holds your skills and knowledge which collapse without it. Sailors say a good attitude is all you need if you get washed up on a dessert Island.

DSC01264My attitude…. I’ll put it this way….. there’s always room for improvement! Here’s an example. I was changing my pencil zinc on the Perkins oil cooler. The old one was (gulp) gone. Long story short, the new one broke, all 4cms of it and is in the output of the cooler and will end up in the heat exchanger unless I take the cooler apart. How fun will that be?!!? But the kicker is this. My 2 year old, custom made stainless steel exhaust elbow now has a hole in it!!

DSC01263Can you see any smoke on the horizon? Don’t worry. It’s just me fuming!!!!! Sonafabitch!


DSC01259DSC01255Here is another attitude example. Kostas, my main man from the Island of Ikaria, world known for the longevity of it occupants,  spent several hours (and then some more!) with is head upside down straddled over the old Perkins getting the starter motor and the tranny back on. This is a huge and theoretically impossible difficult task. And he did it! And not one squeak out of him. No grunting, no blasphemy, no nothing. It’s mind boggling! Also the fact that the tranny is back in has me DSC01257 DSC01260flabbergasted! He also proceeded to reattach all the hoses, wiring  and the heat exchanger. We set up and fired the Perkins which started immediately (truly amazing).  A few leaks is normal but I found the one under the exhaust elbow and had a temper tantrum. Kostas says it’s not the guys fault and that it’s just bad luck with the material. The cherry on top is now he thinks I’m a big baby. Priceless!

Another attitude example….

DSC01261Oh I give up!! All this was going on smelling the fumes of a 30cm Cuban cigar from Mr. Michalis taking a wine break from his boat work.

Time for me to take a “whine” break!

Stay tuned and calm and peaceful and ….Ommmmmmmmm

Capt Pete

ps… So……Are You Satisfied??

The new Jimi Hendrix?? Could be….way cool! I’m a city rocker, not from Ikaria. I’ll never make it to 100!

pss….. I wonder if lowering my expectations would help. I’m fine and satisfied. It’s just that tiny little bit of………….

About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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8 Responses to Attitude…a Work in Progress

  1. sryoder says:

    Your bummed-outedness looks to be well-deserved. I know that SS mixing elbow didn’t come cheap. I’d also be pissed about the hole in it. And the zinc breaking? SHIT! I guess we should all strive for Kostas’ calm but not beat ourselves up too badly for having your much-more-normal reactions.

    About that Reignwolf guy: He has obviously listened to Jimi once or twice in his life. Happy to see his guitar of choice. Those kind of incendiary licks are usually the domain of solid body electrics. But that big red Gibson was the guitar I wanted badly when I was a teenager. Probably unduly influenced by the British Invasion.


  2. Matt says:

    That’s a big cigar! Bad news about the hole in the SS mixing elbow, I bet that cost a packet 😦

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  3. Hey, you’ve had some hard knocks but now everything is falling into place, I think, except for the exhaust elbow (maybe the steel wall is too thin). Now it’s time for a wine break with Mr. Michalis – forget the cigar though, it looks like an exhaust pipe welded to his lips.
    Anyway, if owning a sailboat were too easy it wouldn’t be any fun. That’s what I tell myself and all boat owners, and if I say it enough times it might start to sound like it’s true!
    Great post.


  4. scirocco860 says:

    Hello Captain Pete,
    I took a few minutes of my time while away on vacation in the Philippines to read your blog,
    I think this is your best ever, so I will have to say that it was time well spent.

    Liked by 1 person

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