Recapping and Recouping!?

Hello my far weather friends.

I apologize for leaving you all in the dark. I was there too! Busy as hell, 15C temp swings, Easter… and the list goes on. Plus watching the Win Wenders movie about the photographer Sebastião Salgado, “Salt of the Earth”, was quite a mind f^%$#

DSC01236Recapping… That same day, I did a morning rush to Zoot Allures, then rush to work (and then the movie… long day, eh). we were going to get the tranny back “home”. Got it back on the boat but a couple of screw holes for the engine mounts stripped and needed re-threading. DSC01233In order not to waist the morning, we proceeded with the tiller project.DSC01245 All the parts are ready (plus my 2 new MOB shiny ladders!) and we got the bottom mount installed. I’m going to dedicate a post and wrap up the tiller-rama soon.

DSC01251 DSC01250Another thing I did was to make a bag for my 50meter stern anchor rode (rope). The Ikea bag I used last year didn’t survive the sun and disintegrated! This one I used the old genoa material and a sheet of A4 to experiment with “This Old Boat”‘s trick. You just fold it in half, sew down the sides, cut out the corners and open it up and sew some more. I used the cut outs for handles and I think it came out pa mal. I’m getting to the point where I’ll be needing a beefier machine soon. The old Imperial can barely hack it.

20150411_16494720150412_150836Recouping… Happy Easter y’all! A.k.a Christos Anesti! Time to head down to the farm in Nafplio and do the family gig. Mom, Sis, Bro with his batch. Good times. We also had our  favorite Austrians Hana and Gustav over. We BBQ-ed lamb, fireplace at night watching Zeffirelli Jesus movies (what a cast!). Naturally our fav boat dog Panos was with us. 20150411_164816We managed to take a break on the beach with ma Sis. I took 3 naps. Basically “a” nap interrupted by dumb dog Panos walking over me 3 times, but hey, he’s special. Now I’m back in the city, at work contemplating this summers cruise. The weather at last is in the 20’s (C) and the sun is beating down. Time to get back on the water. Zoot Allures is still theoretically dead. Gotta rap up these projects so I can concentrate on the other stuff. Eg……….

Stay tuned

Capt. Pete

ps…. Panos is ready!


pss… the week before Easter it was blowing a force 9 and snowing! That’s something I’m not ready for! Sooo glad to still be on the hard. It’s balmy now and the mosquitoes are back…D’oh!



About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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4 Responses to Recapping and Recouping!?

  1. bobby says:

    doggy on the beach 🙂


  2. That’s quite the professional looking bag. I also have an old jib, Casey’s “This Old Boat” for instructions…but I lack a sewing machine and talent!
    So, the countdown for the splash has started…hurry up, we’re waiting.


    • Sewing has nothing to do with talent…. it’s a masochistic passtime. I recommend getting one, just not a new plastic unit. Find an old full metal jacket type and start practicing on small projects with youtube by your side. Talent is in the eyes of the beholder.
      Splash countdown…..gulp!


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