Built and Blocked In….


Have you ever had a feeling that your mind is blocked? As in writer’s block, mental block, cock blocked etc? Well, I could say I’m all the above. Working all through the weekend on an entrepreneur conference will do it for ya. I really miss  going down to ol’ Zoot. So Tuesday afternoon after work I blasted down for a few hours. I was curious to see how the tranny re-build was going.

DSC01200DSC01215Remember a couple of posts back when I mentioned my “neighbor” was gone and Zoot had lots of space to breathe? Well… it was good while it lasted. As for now, Zoot Allures is built and blocked in good. I not only got a new neighbor, I got two! It’s getting tight and my style is getting cramped! At least they’re sailboats.


DSC01216So, after my initial shock, I whassuped Kostas on the tranny. The main transfer shaft nut needs to be tightened with and air gun. So we plopped it in my trunk and I drove out to a car tire shop to “shoot” the nut… as odd as that sounds!

DSC01227Back at the yard, Kostas was getting a helping hand from the “wood” dudes. He’s quite a lucky fellow getting all the tender loving care. From what I understood they were getting the final tweaks on balancing. Being useless in such matters, I hung out on ol’ Zoot and prepped for the dreaded procedure of the tranny re-installationDSC01220, going though all the nut and bolts. A few were missing and since it was dark when we removed it, I was pretty sure where they were lurking. I stuck the camera under the Perkins with the flash on, and low and behold! It’s impossible to get a broom stick (or anything else, for that matter) under there. So I got some old stiff wire and whipped it around till the “parts” appeared in an assessable retrieval spot. And that is your tip of today!

And on a non-boat point…. did any of you ever have or heard of a Rockman.? It’s like a walkman designed my MIT guru Tom Scholz who played guitar with Boston. You strap it on you belt, plug in your guitar and headphones and rock out with your cock out! I dug mine out and went over to Alex (for a cup of joe) so he can give to his son (the “Kid”) who’s graduating this year.  It feels nice slooooowly getting rid of my old crap. How else am I gonna sail off one day???

Stay tuned

Capt Pete

ps….  have I said the work “cock” twice (not including this one) in this post?? What can I say? It’s spring time!!! Now if it would please stop raining!!! Jeeeez!

pss… I’m working this Saturday as well…. built and blocked in for an eternity it seems….. Narf!


About Sailing Zoot Allures

A demoralized mechanical engineer/ bass player/ sound engineer/editor seeks Freedom
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2 Responses to Built and Blocked In….

  1. If your mind is blocked, please warn us when it becomes unblocked…we’ll need to take cover from the fireworks :-).
    Raining? I just got back from Gibraltar and Seville and it was sunny and hot…I mean hot.
    Hopefully your next post will be about splashing.


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